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Author: Author Anika / Posted: 13.03.21, 13:02:05

It takes a lot of guts for any amateur writer, to present her/his creativity to the whole world. I know some most amazing writers, who fear being judged, that's why they never publish their stories because a single negative is more powerful than hundreds of good and motivating comments. 

Of course, the writer must possess the quality of being rejected and judged but the readers should also be a little thoughtful while writing any comment because the writer not only presents her creativity on the platter but herself. 

I am not saying, not to raise your opinion and views but it's my humble request to all my readers and follower to be a little kind and thoughtful before writing a comment to any author (especially free story) because sometimes it sounds a little harsh and almost gives writer's block to the writer. 

If you are not okay with the way the story progresses, you can always have the option to delete it from your library. Why hurt someone with your words? It's a different thing if you like doing that.

This blog post is not to offend anyone. Just like a reader has the right to raise his/ her views, writers too have that right :))




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Lipika mishra
30.03.2021, 04:13:19

Why there is a writer block? And if it is happened then the writer couldn't write anything and readers couldn't read any part of it?

zahra tijjani
13.03.2021, 17:31:37

Your storyline is great, use the stones thrown at you to make bridge to cross over to a higher side of life. If you don't get criticized, you won't achieve greatness. So stop worrying too much about them. Love ya.

14.03.2021, 13:38:28

zahra tijjani, I'd like to agree with you. You just nailed it.

olga lasseko
14.03.2021, 12:47:39

You are doing well with your story. Yes it takes talent, courage and strength to share your creativity work with the public. Please do take all the feedback both positive and negative, in a positive light. And keep writing.

Uma Sri
14.03.2021, 09:31:00

Your story is truly amazing. Keep up your good work and thanks for letting us read for free. Waiting for your updates...

Hey! U r an amazing writer don't listen to others

My Connectivity
14.03.2021, 05:46:47


Salwa Ahmed Manegar
13.03.2021, 22:04:17

You are an amazing writer....just ignore those harsh and rude peoples...focus on your work and we,your followers loves you and your work..keep going...lots of love❤❤❤❤

jyoti arora
13.03.2021, 20:44:06

Amazing story!! Well done

jyoti arora
13.03.2021, 20:43:22

Comment has been deleted

Anshu Lata
13.03.2021, 20:30:15

U doing supb job

jyothsna raji
13.03.2021, 19:12:27

You r an amazzzzinggg writer your story my Indian wife❤....wat a story...eagerly waiting for ur updates...lots of ?❤

savi santana
13.03.2021, 18:45:05

You are doing a fabulous job ...CONTINUE.

susha hareesh
13.03.2021, 18:36:26

Hi...dear...really u r an amazing writer...don't care about negative comments just u ignore...we r really very thankfu to u....that ur book is free so v can read this amazing story....eagerly waiting for next chapter ...good bless uuuu .....

13.03.2021, 18:10:37

Hey dear..
You are an amazing writer.. just ignore all the negative comments.. you are doing a great job by writing such an amazing book.. and the style of your story wriit g IA very unique.. so just ignore if anyone offends you.. we cant change anyone's perception..
Just stay blessed.. love you

Priya Prajapati
13.03.2021, 17:37:33

Your storytelling thing is superb ?❤.
Keep it up...
Lots of love ❤❤

Vaishali Sharma
13.03.2021, 17:22:28

Your story is strong...always remember love is more powerful than ignore negative people...we all love your work ...keep it up

Amy Ramirez- Bello
13.03.2021, 17:19:32

Just keep going you are a good writer ignore those bashers you are better than them ❤️

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)
13.03.2021, 17:16:23

Well said Anika

13.03.2021, 16:43:16

And currently I am suffering from Writer's Block :(

13.03.2021, 16:42:08

1000% True

Gloria Herbert
13.03.2021, 15:31:53

Pls Just surge ahead, just forget all the hate speech.
It can only make you strong
Did I forget to mention how interesting this book with so much creativity being poured inside
Thanks so much for making it free

Mrunal Wankhede
13.03.2021, 15:02:54

U r ryt mam other should think while posting any comment to any author coz words affect more than any physical injures... But i would like to suggest to ignore such comments coz most of ur good readers r waiting to read ur books so don't pay attentions to such fools they only like to disturb others n enjoy making them feel like nothing bt they only spread negativity bt if we take that also in a positive way then they can't be succeed in their plan jst remember that negativity is nothing in front of positivity so plz I request to the authors that plz don't pay any attentions to such fucking assholes... My comment is a lil harsh bt its true if any of u get hurt by my comment then i can't help it... Thanks...☺

Dr-Hana Khalid
13.03.2021, 14:17:48

You are an amazing writer but i personally feel that criticism should be constructive rather then destructive that could further help in your work

Anushka S
13.03.2021, 14:11:31

OH MY GOD! THIS ONE REALLY HIT ME, ESPECIALLY THE 'Writer's block' PART. There was this one woman who literally criticized my book which contained awareness about suicidal ideation and mental health. This 'Critique' flat out told that the lead character suffering from depression is just plain-ass immature and needs character development. As a survivor of severe depression, I was HUGELY disappointed by her words, and trust me, it affected me so much that even after two months, I genuinely lost all my motivation to write. I'm still trying my best because I love my readers and I know how much they're waiting patiently for the new chapter. But deep down, the wound's still fresh. I haven't read your books yet but as a fellow author, I'll only is that 'Girl, FUCK what others say, you do you! You're a writer and there are people eagerly waiting for you to update. They love you! Don't let losers and so-called critiques pull you down with their 'oh-so opinions'.' Sounds a bit harsh for them. But who cares? You're amazing, always know that! :)

Kishori Bhojane
13.03.2021, 14:05:50

Your story is really beautiful... I would love to share u one old Hindi song regarding comments..."kuch to log kahenge, logoka kam he kehna. Chodo bekar ki Batome Kahin bit na jaye raina"
U r amazing writer n ur story is going great...m juz love it..

13.03.2021, 13:28:31

You write beautifully , and even I believe that it takes a lot of efforts to pen down anything.

Ishita Shreya
13.03.2021, 13:25:20

Oh hun don't listen to them it's ur story and it's your wish how u write some people just don't understand and they want the writer to just rush through the storyline but that doesn't matter you do you, let them keep talking you are writing a beautiful story and representing evey character so amazingly

Meghali Kour
13.03.2021, 13:22:08

Your story is beautiful.... Keep it up.. Keep writing...

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