Author: Kyzyl Mhy / Posted: 27.04.21, 17:19:15

Hi Everyone!

I apologize foe not being able to update regularly. It's just that I'm in the middle of some struggles both emotionally, physically and spiritually, but don't worry! I'm trying to be ok!

Send me Virtual Hugs and I'll send them back to you. 
Lavlots Everyone!


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Dr-Hana Khalid
27.04.2021, 17:20:17

Get back soon

Kyzyl Mhy
28.04.2021, 07:34:44

Dr-Hana Khalid, Yes, I willl! Thank you!

Zukey Cruz
27.04.2021, 17:36:06

Hope you feel better soon. Take your time.

Kyzyl Mhy
28.04.2021, 07:34:27

Zukey Cruz, Thank you!

Artika Dhawan
27.04.2021, 19:03:52

Take your time health come first....

Kyzyl Mhy
28.04.2021, 07:34:17

Artika Dhawan, Thank you!

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