Glimpse of new chapter

Author: Zikky Roh / Posted: 15.05.21, 16:09:28

Eli grasped the thing on the bathroom cabinet and held it tightly with her hand horrified. There are two red stripes clearly indicating that it is positive.


Oh my god!!


She is pregnant!!


She stood there stunned looking at the test blankly as fear and anxiety engulfed her body.


Her breathing hyperventilated and she gulped large amount of air to stabilize her mind and body.


She can't feel anything. She just stood there startled feeling numb with different types of emotions swirling in her mind : fear, anxiety, nervousness,shock.



The chapter will be up in few hours and sorry for late update. I will make it up to you.



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Laila Naseem
15.05.2021, 19:01:20

Name of the book

Zikky Roh
15.05.2021, 19:03:12

Laila Naseem, His Beautiful Mute Wife

Chanderika Sharma
15.05.2021, 16:33:21


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