The hunt Begins

Author: Alex Scrivenor / Posted: 17.12.18, 07:17:03

So, this is the first story of a long universe of books I'm making.

The story I'm talking about is called "Devil's Soul", you can find it on wattpad aswell, though it's going to be here quite soon. For now, I thought I'd leave you with the synopsis I had on wattpad (since Litnet needs a way shorter one):



My name is Khan Deabru. I'm a high school student. And I'm dying.
  So yeah, you've heard this before, right? Well, not this one, I swear. It's not a disease what's killing me nor the shitty ass life I've been given ever since that stupid winter day. No, all of the above sound like a dream compared to me.
  The thing with me is that I'm falling. From the tip of the Empire State,  none the less. Why am I falling? Well, that's what I'm here to tell you. It all started when The Organization KIDNAPPED me and then tested me. You see, magic is real in this shit, and so is the Devil, and whilst being on this test, I found a book that I should have never found. And now my soul shares body with, you guessed who, THE DEVIL.
  And that's not all, cause, as if my life wasn't screwed up enough, I also get to hunt demons and turn them into cards, all in a race that got me here, falling down the Empire State that SHOULD BE in the US, yeah, I have to say that, because I'm from and live in MEXICO, Morelia Michoacán to be exact. And so, demons ruined my life, the devil threatens to end mine and the Organization, the only thing that could help me at some point, is a big sack of lies. So, basically, I'm screwed.
  Not for long though, I mean, I AM dying.
  "We're gonna get through this, Khan" said my cousin. I smiled at her [...]
  "That's not true Taylor... you know it" [...]
  I had lost all hope by then...
  Book 1
  Khan Deabru series.


Hope you enjoy the book!

Good Luck!!!


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