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Author: AnnaRCase / Posted: 30.06.20, 21:59:57

Hello gang. I hope you are all doing well. Thanks for all your support. I'm close to hitting 600 followers and that is just amazing and mindblowing! Thanks again, honestly without all of you, The Arrangement would not have been finished I'm sure. And The Hostage is going strong, you all are the backbone that keeps me going on my writing:)

Today, I would like to introduce you all my new like- minded writer friend, LB Harpdog as he is known on Booknet. He seems to share a common goal with me, bring the heat and passion so we can escape into a nice fantasy from time to time. Check out his book Time to Play right here on Booknet

I daresay you wont be disappointed. Especially if steamy one shots full of pleasure and intimacy are your thing. But I must warn you, don't read it at work ;) In the mood for a bit more wild and naughty fun? Then check out his book Sinday for some hot, guilty pleasure :) Please help me welcome him to Booknet. It will be for your own pleasure and benefit to check out his steamy collections of romance and erotica:) It will certainly be a good time and worth your while.



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Nikita Cebotari 02.07.2020, 13:59:58

Hello,I couldn't find a better place to ask this:
Is there a way to add books to a shopping cart and pay once for multiple books upon checkout on this website?Or more specifically its russian counterpart -,but I think if it's possible here it will work there as well
Alternatively - can one buy every book an author has to offer?
Sorry but I didnt find a forum/F.A.Q. on here.Thanks!

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AnnaRCase 02.07.2020, 15:58:10

Nikita Cebotari, Yes. I've never heard of or come across a way to do it differently.

Prosperity Daniels 01.07.2020, 23:24:34

Hey let's support each other.

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LB Harpdog 02.07.2020, 13:19:47

Prosperity Daniels, I just started following you

Juliet Nely 02.07.2020, 11:13:17

Hi LBHarpdog. You're welcome. Coming from our girl Anna, I daresay you're HIGHLY recommended. Looking forward to experiencing your world with you.

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LB Harpdog 02.07.2020, 13:03:36

Juliet Nely, I appreciate that soo much. ANNA surley is awesome... and to be recommended by her is a true honor. Thanks for your valuable time : )

Heavenly 01.07.2020, 12:18:27

OMG Anna, it's your girl Heavenly. Who loves to comment on The Hostage. @LBHarpdog is an awesome writer. One of my favorites as well and I'd definitely recommend his books to anyone who wants an intimate experience. Live. Love. Let Loose.?

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Heavenly 02.07.2020, 00:25:18

LB Harpdog, Sure thing, Sir.

LB Harpdog 01.07.2020, 19:36:37

Thank you soooo very much Anna... you are awesome.. and hi everyone it's nice to meet you

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AnnaRCase 01.07.2020, 19:39:35

LB Harpdog, You're welcome:)

elizabeth 30.06.2020, 23:52:37

Welcome LB Harpdog

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