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Author: S. N. Nina Arthur / Posted: 31.07.20, 09:28:57

Hello Everyone, How are you all?

This blog is to invite all the readers and the writers to two Facebook booknet groups that can be amazing places for all of us to interact.

It is more of a reader's space where they can post and talk about the book or author they liked on Booknet Or if they want to post any fanart. And, you will get to stay updated about any book coming over discounts, or giveaways. Or you can post about what kind of book you are looking for right now and other readers and writers can reply.

And, authors can post any quotes or scenes from their books. Or you can self promote or inform the readers after updating your next chapter. Or announce any giveaways and discounts too. Or talk about your plan in the future over Booknet and run polls to get your reader's suggestions for matters regarding your works on booknet.

Note:- The talk or promotion should be about books that are present on the booknet app. Unless your posts wouldn't be approved. 

Authors can't ask for the followers for their personal Facebook and Instagram page but still, they can mention such sites if their booknet giveaway is being run on such sites. 


Official Facebook group

Unofficial Facebook group has more people as of now. :P

Thank you:-)

Hope to see you all there❣❣❣


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