Did I just wrote an erotica? A little orgin of it

Author: Deanna Lorraine / Posted: 01.08.20, 15:30:54

Greetings my fellow writers!  

As for today (August 1, 2020) I had published a poem entitled Scavenger on Midnight Thoughts. And as you saw the title of our today's blog, I would be giving you it's little on how I wrote the poem Scavenger. 

It was a hard choice whether I'll write this one or not. It was a hard choice due to our Christian rules and I'm sort of sick of it. (Not ranting but this is the only place where I could be true to myself.) My religion was not by a choice, I was fricking baptised since birth and I didn't want to but I have to. 

If you're like me and living in the Philippines, you know how much our fellow Filipinos are devoted into Christianity. Some may even risk their lives just to join the Black Nazarene Festival due to their love and devotion for Jesus Christ (which in my religion that we don't practice. I was not a Catholic thought back in the days, my parents were. I was born as a Born Again Christian though, I don't feel like one. 

I was first inspired a cockroach since that's the only thing I fear the most. (I know gross.) It was a Wednesday; I think where I got fascinated by its species until I searched for it's orgin. There I saw that Cockroaches are Scavengers and for that moment, I started reminiscencing about that one short (erotica) story that I read on wattpad and no, I would NEVER think of having an erotic moment with a cockroach. 

What comes second was Shakespeare's sonnet since I was a fan of his works from Romeo to Juliet to Macbeth and so on. One by one, I read some of his sonnets and studied the structures of it from the lecture I took last year from my school lesson. 

Third things third was pornography. Watching pornography was never really my thing though, I need an inspiration on writing this poem. Well, not really those kinds of porn that you see on PornHub but more of like a softcore porn in the movies since I don't support PornHub due to their recent crimes but whatever.  

So right after I compiled everything, I did one of the hardest part. When I was trying to write some words, I tried being Shakespeare and even Edgar Allan Poe where I really got drunk and walked around the streets while it's raining and ended up being grounded but oh well. It's finished. Hope you enjoy it :))




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