Player who gets Played ❤️ is completed ✔️

Author: Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust) / Posted: 01.08.20, 17:58:57

Wooshaaaah is completed ✔️

Click here to read Player who gets Played

Another story is on the works

Chapter one is up on my Patreon account already ❤️

Connect with me and read all of my ongoing works before any platform click here and be my patron

Again this post is reminding you to binge on the read, as it'll be made as sample in the next couple of days.

So...don't forget to click that ⭐ thing for our Allen and Louis before we leave them to their ever after :)



Cassandra ❤️



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Rachael Otieno 01.08.2020, 19:37:33

I waiting here author on booknet hope its free

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Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust) 01.08.2020, 21:49:43

Rachael Otieno, I got 20books completed more on other apps, follow my social media for updates

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