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Author: Tara Cox / Posted: 04.08.20, 23:51:59

To those of you who are reading Solid Ground,

I said that I would try to post one chapter per day. But I am afraid I bit off more than I can chew with that one. Each of these chapters is longer than some books (about 10K words). I might be able to edit that much if it were only a matter of running it through Grammarly, but this is proving much more than simply that.

Writers grow, progress, and improve with every word we write, every experience we have, and most especially with feedback from readers. Solid Ground was the first novel I finished. And it shows. As I read it now, I cringe at how juvenile all those 'he said,' 'she replied,' 'he smiled,' 'she giggled,' and especially 'she thought.' While there is a place for all those, not every other line. And Grammarly does not catch things like that. So, I am reading it with fresh eyes line by line. 

My goal as a writer is not to be rich, or famous, or better than anyone else. My goals are simple:

To tell stories of the hundreds of people in my head - in a way that I can be proud of. 

I do not measure myself against other writers, but against the one I was yesterday. 

And I always want to give the readers my absolute best at that point in time. 

Because I believe you deserve the best, even if my stories are free, you are paying something far more precious than money for them. You are giving me your time. And I always want to honor that.

So, having said that, I leave it up to you. Would you rather:

1) Have the same original chapter-length every other day, or

2) Shorter chapter every day. (They might be numbered and named oddly like Chapter 7 Part 1, etc.)

Either way works for me. And thank you, for the wonderful comments, the likes, and of course, taking the time to read my stories.

Goddess Bless,


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Tara Cox 05.08.2020, 23:48:01

Okay, so I got Chapter 8 edited and up. Only four more to go.

Thelma Epole 05.08.2020, 22:03:16

The first option works for me

Gena Elgie 05.08.2020, 00:21:37

Please take your time. A chapter a week is all I can ask for. You have a family and life besides books you write. Please take care of your self. Your book are so worth the wait. Sending hugs

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Gena Elgie 05.08.2020, 10:24:37

Tara Cox, That sounds perfect. Thank you hugs

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