New Update: I Slapped The Ceo

Author: Marilyn Lucero / Posted: 12.08.20, 18:29:56

My dearest readers and followers,

Because you make me happy, I posted three chapters today.

Thank you so much for showing me your support, may it be through follows, through the stars you give me, and through seeing new names sharing their thoughts about the story.

Thank you so much also to the sweet people who offered to help me with the covers. I wouldn't have these beautiful covers if it were not because of your thoughtfulness.

Hoping to be able to update again tomorrow.




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norma baggao 02.10.2020, 06:07:41

Free please

norma baggao 02.10.2020, 02:02:47

Please i want free thank you

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Marilyn Lucero 02.10.2020, 02:08:46

norma baggao, All my books are free except I Slapped The CEO

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