One night with Ex husband-Paid book

Author: Anjaani / Posted: 14.08.20, 20:25:30

Hello my lovelies,

After much consideration and thinking, I decided to make "One night with Ex-Husband" as a paid book. I know some of you would be really upset with me, some supported my decision and some even sent their blessing.

Considering the situation some of my loyal readers are in, I put up the book on sale for less than a dollar, yes you read it correct, it's on sale for 0.99$ for the following 12 days. I wish I could put it on lesser price, but you have to understand my situation too.

Do subscribe to my book and encourage my work, after 12 days the price will go up. Hope you enjoy the coming chapters as much as I have enjoyed writing.

Till then, Peace and Love. Remember to keep spreading love.


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Ayushi Gupta 14.08.2020, 20:47:03

Their is no other method like Google pay or paytm ??

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Manya Rajput 16.08.2020, 14:23:37

Anjaani, Yeaaaa I was also searching for the same

Anam Hussain 14.08.2020, 22:50:28

I bought this book looking forward to read it!!!!

Anam Hussain 14.08.2020, 22:31:11

Comment has been deleted

Kaylene D 14.08.2020, 22:29:17

It's okay dear. My blessing I give freely and unconditionally. I have grown to love your writing your banter. Keep up

Arwa 14.08.2020, 22:05:52

Thank you!! Can't wait to start reading it❤️❤️

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