Giveaway of Ebook 'billionaire's Bed Warmer'! :)

Author: Jathryn Samuel (LostpuppyJS) / Posted: 30.09.20, 17:12:18

Hey dear friends and readers,

Hope everyone is doing good. It's GIVEAWAY time and I am giving away 5 promo codes/ free access of my book 'Billionaire's Bed Warmer' to 5 lucky winners.

Some of you who couldn’t read my book due to various reasons, you can read my book in this opportunity. To enter this giveaway, go to my Instagram page and see my most recent post ‘how to participate’. Details are clearly given there.

The book raffle is going to run from 30 September to 2nd October. The winners will be announced on the 4th of October. Not only me, other superb authors from Booknet are also going to be in this raffle with their fantastic stories.

So, hurry and don't miss out this chance. Check out the link here:

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Mardie Balatbat 03.10.2020, 01:49:42

I only have twitter account. I try to buy your books but I always failed due to technical problem in the credit card.

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Jathryn Samuel (LostpuppyJS) 03.10.2020, 11:38:32

Mardie Balatbat, You can always contact Booknet if you face any technical problem regarding payment. They will guide you, dear ?

Majel Magallona 01.10.2020, 10:14:22

If only this was free

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Jathryn Samuel (LostpuppyJS) 01.10.2020, 21:00:46

Majel Magallona, 5 lucky winners will get 5 copies of book and it will be totally free.

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