Sunday Preview for The Proposal

Author: AnnaRCase / Posted: 18.10.20, 08:47:53

Hey gang here's Sunday's sneak peek at The Proposal :


Grayson had wandered closer to Leo. The billionaire’s breaths sounded as if they were being torn painfully through a jagged hole in his chest. He found his friend’s limp hand and held onto it tightly. For dear f***** life. As if he was determined not to let Leo pass into the next life. Determined to keep his best friend in this world here or go with him.

“Leo. Please don’t go. Please don’t leave me here to deal with this shit alone. I can’t do this without you and I don’t want to. It’s you and me remember? G-Man and L-Dawg,” came a broken plea from a breaking man.

Amber was watching the billionaire crumble before her eyes, while she was numb. Watched as tears snaked from his icy blue eyes and spilled down his cheeks. Down his walls tumbled. How much could someone handle before they were broken beyond repair? And the billionaire seemed to be quickly approaching that edge of no return. That edge of darkness and no hope which was nearly f***** impossible to pull yourself up from again.

“Stand clear! Hands off!” screamed Cori.

Cori’s words didn’t seem to register in Grayson’s mind. Amber pulled him back, like her mind had shut down, but her body was functioning in auto pilot. Leo’s arm stretched across the space as Grayson didn’t or couldn’t let him go. The others had all let Leo go and moved back from the stretcher a bit. But Grayson wouldn’t let Leo go. The Doc took advantage of the interruption to instruct Donovan to give Leo two breathes of oxygen through the bag.

There was softness in her voice when Cori spoke. No longer so clinical or detached.

“You have to let him go. At least for now to save him...."

Grayson nodded. He took a deep breath and gently set Leo’s arm back on the stretcher. He moved away from his friend, though it seemed to come at a great effort to do so. He looked so lost and broken, like a scared little boy. Far from the powerful man who helped run this f*****city. Amber couldn’t help but wrap her arms around his waist and held tight. He needed someone to hold onto and so did she.




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Heavenly 19.10.2020, 03:00:54

As I've always said. My favorite author. Never disappoints me.

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AnnaRCase 19.10.2020, 03:46:18

Heavenly, Thank you:) Hopefully you like the book:)

Nicole Mtutu 18.10.2020, 10:09:33

Wow amazing that was beautiful

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AnnaRCase 18.10.2020, 15:49:24

Nicole Mtutu, Thank you:)

Titi 18.10.2020, 11:53:27

Tick tock.... Waiting patiently for it

The last comment in the thread:

AnnaRCase 18.10.2020, 15:49:14

Titi, I'm patiently writing on it:)

gemma wendell 18.10.2020, 12:32:33

Will this be for free or bookscription?

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AnnaRCase 18.10.2020, 15:48:55

gemma wendell, Bookscription sometime in November. But it will be on sale for a reduced rate at the start of sales. I'll also do some giveaways eventually as well. Thanks:)

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