Bad Liar and Behind the Eight Ball 2 Updated

Author: Ruechari guru / Posted: 02.12.20, 15:51:50


Just wanted you to know Bad Liar has been updated and so has Behind the Eight Ball 2. If you want to be certain not to miss out on updates be sure to save these stories to your libraries so you will be notified whenever I've updated them. 

Thank you for all the love you've been giving my stories as far as likes and comments. I so appreciate it. It keeps me motivated. 

Updates for Someone To Watch Over Me and Forever Ruined are coming soon. 

Thank you for your patience as I try to update all 4 stories I have here on Booknet. 

Have a wonderful day!



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Vicky Akindeju 02.12.2020, 21:14:30

Thanks, more strength

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Ruechari guru 02.12.2020, 21:58:21

Vicky Akindeju, Thank you!

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