The wrong woman

Author: Diana Rymar / Posted: 22.01.21, 09:19:41

My dear followers I am happy to introduce you my new book:

The Wrong Woman

What is the main thing in role-playing games? Wild imagination? Passion? Artistry? No... The main thing in role-playing games is not to get your partner mixed up with someone else!
I ordered a gorgeous girl. Everything went as planned: an empty road, a stranger struggling desperately... I took great pleasure in taming her. The partner was amazing – she played out naturally. But the next day I found out that I took a wrong turn, and the girl I dragged into my car was not an actress, but just a stranger.
Be careful, steamy love scenes are waiting for you!

Enjoy the book!


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cherry 22.01.2021, 10:12:23

Wow I really love your books

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Diana Rymar 22.01.2021, 11:15:37

cherry, Thank you!

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