Vol. 1 Proofreading + new update tomorrow!

Author: Fontaine Argalion / Posted: 08.04.21, 13:03:27

Hello! I've received a few comments from my friends who read my book that I have quite a lot of grammatical errors in my book The 4 Sigils: Winter's Malice. With that, I'll be doing a major proofreading session later in order to get all the errors corrected~

That includes a few minor changes like the Frostflake Insignia being renamed to a more appropriate name after going through Volume 3 (Yes, volume 3 is under progress now!), and more.

Please do take time to check out my book as I'll be releasing a new update tomorrow for volume 2! And also, I've decided to shorten update times from 4-5 days to every 3 days now, so do expect them to start rolling in~!


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