Lucky Giveaway Winners ?☑️and Book Sale❗❗

Author: Swit La Pound / Posted: 11.06.21, 00:57:08

Here are the lucky FREE GIVEAWAY WINNERS??☑️?
1. Steve Stevens​​ 
2. Mari AA
3. Wendy Beth El​​
4. Salamat Yohanna
5. Elvia Murillo Gutierrez
NOTE* Giveaway ended. Keep following for more deals and Free books❤️❤️??

If you missed this Giveaway, don't you worry. RUGGED RICHES, MY LOVE MY BILLIONAIRE, is available FOR SALE, for ONLY $0.99. GRAB YOUR COPY WHILE THE OFFER LASTS????


A BILLIONAIRE; A MURDERED EX; A VENGEFUL DRUG LORD & A YOUNG WOMAN WITH A BROKEN HEART- a tale of an unbelieving heart finding true love unexpectedly, only to face a hidden past, tainted with murder & dark shadows, seeking revenge & to destroy the love found. BELLA , from a meagre upbringing & a rugged life, bumps into Casper, a humble billionaire, & an unexpected love sparks, leading to matrimonial entanglement. But Bella's past, hidden even from her husband, resurfaces,  tying her to the murder of Devin, her ex, by Gareth, her other ex, an infamous drug Lord. Revenge lashes at her from one end, while distrust & withdrawal from Casper haunt her on the other. With no other choice, she is forced to confront and battle the monster from her dark past, while simaltaneously trying to save the sizzling, dreamy and genuine love she found. Will she succeed &  save her marriage? Will she withstand the pressures of being a Billionaire's wife?

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Mari AA
11.06.2021, 01:01:42


Swit La Pound
11.06.2021, 14:47:22

Mari AA, Sent❤️

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