Last 48 Hours To Read Falling In Love Book Free!

Author: Haya Shaikh (Chantinglove138) / Posted: 30.11.21, 21:07:39

Hi guys, so my #badboy book <Falling in love wasn't the> has been completed with a bonus chapter on Christmas special theme uploaded. 

And I want to bring it to your notice that you can read this book FOR FREE FOR THE LAST TIME as it's going to become pay-to-read ON FRIDAY. 


From Friday onwards it'll start selling on booknet. 

Grab this opportunity and enjoy reading a tale like never before with a hot sexy badboy with a secret nerdy admirer in college he doesn't know exists;)

Find the blurb below~


||Falling in love wasn't the plan||

"You know what Amara; you should never kill your desires. If you want to kiss someone just kiss them… don’t look at their lips like this!” he arched an eyebrow and stated naughtily after catching her staring at his mouth intently.

They were studying in an empty library. Amara shuddered when his hands slowly encircled her waist and pulled her close.

And before she could understand what was going on, he latched their lips. Oh damn… she was being kissed by the school’s most wanted guy, Alex Ragnar!!!


He was the famous football captain. She was the topper of the class.

However, she was unnoticed among the group of hot sassy cheer leaders who dominated the female population.

Everyone remembered her name only during exams, yeah— everyone, even the ones who never knew she existed in the class. He was one of them.

This year, before the final exams, he became friends with her like any other student— for seeking her help and notes. But before the year ends and even the results are out, he'd realize that falling in love wasn't in the plan!

Enjoy reading the complete book for free for last 48 hours~

If you love it and want to appreciate my effort then follow me and comment down. Creation is hard and your small follow and comment would motivate me to write more. 

PS. Alpha's Housekeeper (2) releasing tomorrow~




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Lakhan Sav
30.11.2021, 21:30:01

My exams r there.. 12th boardsಥ‿ಥ(T_T).. I wanted to read this book after my exams...if possible could u plz make this book paid after 15 dec?? Plz plz plz.. I found this book 3-4 days ago and saved it in my lib. And followed u... Due to exams i can't read it... But i want to read it plz.. Plz do reply me plz...

Lakhan Sav
01.12.2021, 11:17:08

Haya Shaikh (Chantinglove138), As I'm student i can't buy it.. Due to exams i can't even read it today... I'll wait for giveaways.. Thnks...

Era Catubig
01.12.2021, 01:42:10

Well,am so excited!! Thanks for giving us free reading .It's mean a lot for us your fans!!!

Haya Shaikh (Chantinglove138)
01.12.2021, 07:02:15

Era Catubig, Your welcome~
Hope you've followed me to support me!

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