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Enchanted love updated

Chap 8 of enchanted love updated please check it out.


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Attraction & Obsession
Hi everyone! I was thinking to finish Atraction once I'm done with Obsession. I want to edit it and write it to the fill of my heart. I don't want to rush it. I want their love story to be unique and special. And meanwhile writing Obsession I can't focus on Attraction. If I did, I don't think I'd be able to write it freely & with my heart. So until Obsession
New Book || Destination ||
Hey Readers, Here i am to announce about my New Book: Destination,which is short story. It's free Book for the contest. I hope you all will support my book with lots of likes and comments. Just one like from each of my followers, please.Comment your thoughts about this book , it's really close to my heart,love you all.
New update!!!
Hello to all. Chapter 15 of His Belamour is updated.. Go and check it out and do comments and votes.. Thanks
Cinder and Blood - Chapter 47
In Chapter 47, Elle pushes through the pain and does the impossible. With blood on her hands, she decides it's time to escape...only to be cornered by a herd of Dwellers. Her saviour appears in a cloud of smoke and shadows, but it's not Lorcan. Who can it be? Let me know in the comments! Hope you enjoyed the chapter - remember to like, comment, and add the book to your library! Next
Playboy's Wife
So it's been total a week of Playboy's Wife end and I hope all of the readers enjoyed the book . I have already thanked my those readers who had subscribed my book in the start and I am really thankful of guys that you gave my story a chanc and trusted in me. Today i was thinking about Playboy's Wife and then Ivan's one sentence crossed my mind, I don't know if you laughed while
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