Author: Emma Swan / Posted: 30.01.19, 02:26:25

I know you… or maybe I don’t.

Or at least so I thought...

I remember the sound of your silence,

the loud beating of your heart…

I’m listening closely to the whispers of your soul,

Is telling me the reason that makes you go away.

Tomorrow, when you’ll come to wake me up,

just don’t whisper “I love you” in my ear.

That way I’ll go through my days and nights

thinking less and less of your absence.


Emma Swan


Hi, guys! This is my first blog note... Just wanting to touch base. This is also my first English poem (all my poems are all in Italian). It's my first attempt. Hope you'll like it.


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Ruechari 31.01.2019, 05:58:12

Nicely done!

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