Holocaust Remembrance day.

Author: valor / Posted: 30.01.19, 09:06:49

I'm a few days off on this one but forgive me as I am new to this platform. 


I have had many conversations with Holocaust survivors. In my life I have known personally seven people who have come out from that horrific event. I don't really know how to quantify the horror of such events, I don't really think you can. There is not a medium on earth that can truly showcase it. Sure you can show the bodies, and you can show the infrastructure, The shoes, the rings, and all of that iconic imagery. However the trauma is something different, its rings out for generations. All of my family has these funny little quirks, like freaking out at the slightest mention of dealing with authority, too buying jewelry we will never wear in fear that our bank accounts are rendered useless, and believing in crazy doomsday scenarios. Almost all of my family was eradicated in Austria, the only survivor my great Grandmother. She would later immigrate to the united states and start a family here. 
I never met her, but I do know one thing. Everyone she ever knew in Austria was eradicated. Systematically, and without care. It's A reason why I am private about my identity and my religion, I will casually mention it here and there but nothing more than that. Now that its holocaust Remembrance Day I can't help but think about what that identity means to me. The people I met through it, the family I have made from it, the stories, the food, and the love. I don't think I would be half the person I am today without that kind of history and people behind me. 
The Holocaust was one of the worst things to happen on the face of this planet, and I hope that as the human race moves forward from this awful cycle of Violence we will continue to be vigilant and do our best to stop anything like the Holocaust from happening again. 
Right now at the moments as I write this article there is currently five different genocides happening across the globe.

The Rohingya in Myanmar

The Nuer and other ethnic groups in South Sudan

Christians and Yazidis in Iraq and Syria

Christians and Muslims in the Central African republic

Darfuris in Sudan

Stay Vigilant, Fight Against hate, Do better than your enemies, and show Compassion.

Keep countries that perpetuate these genocides accountable, Keep our governments that support these entities accountable, use your wallet wisely, vote for the right people, and give your money to the right people.




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A.I.M 30.01.2019, 22:33:13

Amen! Honestly, I am sick and tired of the consequences after tragic events when people say their condolences using hashtags for example #JesuisCharlie but then in a month some people seem to forget the lasting effects those silent wars have on their relatives and history keeps repeating itself. Especially these days when racism and sexism is on the rise. We need to promote LOVE and not hate.

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