About why Dream Life... ...Story is getting dark

Author: Chris Wilson / Posted: 01.04.19, 06:13:45

Chapter 6 and 7 of Dream Life... is dark for a reason. I may keep the story dark unless you guys tell me otherwise. To explain the darkness, there will be parts of Jennifer and her family history that pop up throughout the chapters in Italic. James does not know everything about Jennifer and when he does finally put the pieces of Jennifer's past together will it be too late for his well being? Will Jennifer kill him to protect her past life from ever coming out? Is her whole family at risk of death just to hide what was done to her by her stepfather, Johnny?  Please enjoy the rewrite of the Dream Life Story as it now becoming a full hardcore mob story in a time where Sadomasochism is welcome and death is a way of life in this new world that is after the judgment of God. There is no law, no rules, except for the Stoneheart and the Señores Sádicos Families' laws and rules


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