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6 Months With Mr Popular

Aroboto ife

Story about:first true love, highschool, love and romance

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Complete 113 pages

Publication: 10.11.2020 — 18.11.2020

Description of book "6 Months With Mr Popular"

Jane parker, the school's nerd hears a shocking news that she has only 6 months to live. She had her six months planned out but Jane's plan changes when the school's Mr. Popular and twin brother comes into her life, with pranks, romance, a lot of sarcasm, games and friends. Jane is surely gonna have a hard time choosing between this two.

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Audrey Goodner 23.11.2020, 17:18:57

Brought tears to my eyes...truly heartbreaking and real. I, personally, feel like it's the books that are left with this heartbreaking loss that are most memorable, such as the Fault in Our Stars, Five Feet Apart, but a sequel would be interesting to see how she progresses without the love of her life.

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Aroboto ife 23.11.2020, 22:22:55

Audrey Goodner, Thanks

Fatima Fatimah 21.11.2020, 18:00:42

I love your book please make another part****

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Aroboto ife 21.11.2020, 18:34:09

Fatima Fatimah, Thanks

Maryam fatima 21.11.2020, 18:04:05

interesting story but sad ending! waiting for the book 2 :-)

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Aroboto ife 21.11.2020, 18:33:51

Maryam fatima, Thanks

Bushra Fatima 21.11.2020, 18:05:20

I really love your book but you make another part please ❤️

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Aroboto ife 21.11.2020, 18:33:26

Bushra Fatima, Thanks

Fatima Fatimah 21.11.2020, 16:17:12

I love your book please me another part ....

Fatima Sara 21.11.2020, 16:15:27

I really want book 2 please update

Sara fatima 21.11.2020, 15:06:54

please update book 2

Bushra Fatima 21.11.2020, 15:06:12

can't wait for the book 2 please update !!

Izzy 21.11.2020, 09:13:43

Added to my library, sounds very interesting!

Syeda Noorah 19.11.2020, 19:07:41

The book was amazing...The ending was so sad... Tooo emotional to handle????.....Plz make part 2...

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Aroboto ife 19.11.2020, 21:29:01

Syeda Noorah, Thanks

Bushra Rahat 19.11.2020, 21:03:24

is there any chances of book 2??????

Bushra Rahat 19.11.2020, 21:03:12

Please make the book 2 I really hate the ending

Jigme 18.11.2020, 20:49:07

Nice book but I hate the sad ending...I can't believe he died ugh.. I would have preferred happy ending...But nice book anyway.

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Aroboto ife 18.11.2020, 23:40:51

Jigme, Thanks

Bushra Rahat 18.11.2020, 16:23:34

can't wait for the Book 2 please update !

Girli Casimsiman 18.11.2020, 01:57:09

Wow napaka sad nman ng ending di ko kinaya,,ang bigat sa dibdib,,until now nalulungkot parin ako para kay hunter,,,haayyyssttt

Dream of books 17.11.2020, 14:02:58

please can u make book 2 that hunter is not dead its not his body Before the blast somebody saved him please make book 2 i cant stop crying please make book 2 in plot twist and make them together please i beg u to make the book 2 to make together i really hate this ending please but i love your book please make happy ending

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Dream of books 17.11.2020, 19:29:46

Aroboto ife, tq for considering my request and love this book so much ❤️❤️

Sruthi Kichuzz 17.11.2020, 19:16:25

It hurts a lot...

Alulu Onuoha 17.11.2020, 09:26:07

What a sad ending but an interesting novel

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Aroboto ife 17.11.2020, 09:27:53

Alulu Onuoha, Thanks

Omaima Ouladfaris 17.11.2020, 02:52:11

why ! why the sad ending

Maz Ahmed 17.11.2020, 01:16:42

Sad ending.?

Caroline Arthur 16.11.2020, 23:06:04

sad ending

Caroline Arthur 12.11.2020, 13:33:49

Nice story
Are you going to update every day

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Caroline Arthur 13.11.2020, 15:28:10

Aroboto ife, Thank You

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