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A Soldiers Heart ~ Book 1 of The Soldier Series


Story about:war and love, action and drama, military romance

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#39 in ChickLit
#66 in Young adult

Complete 46 pages

Publication: 16.06.2022 — 16.06.2022

Description of book "A Soldiers Heart ~ Book 1 of The Soldier Series"

Alexandra Young has sacrificed many countless and sleepless nights to dedicate herself to her training at a Military Base Camp stationed in Tijuana, Mexico. She stays to herself until a one-chance night throws a stick into her tough girl act.

Now Daniel Keene is a new recruit, and is almost your typical guy; broody, isolated, and withdrawn, but then he meets Alex. He stays put and isolated, cold and distant until she is able to reach the deep depths of his heart.

Alex and Daniel share precious moments together growing closer and closer, but is their love and everything they shared enough to keep them united throughout their training? Can Alex and Daniel both fight to keep each other or give in to swarming enemies?


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