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Bad Liar


Story about:romantic love, billionareromance, love and hope

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#45 in Contemporary Romance
#121 in Billionaires

Complete 222 pages

Publication: 02.11.2020 — 14.01.2021
Contests: My love, my billionaire

Description of book "Bad Liar"

Billie Dupree is desperate to save her father's business. Quentin Harrison believes he has the solution, but can she trust the son of the man who is trying to destroy her father’s billion dollar company?

Billie is a walking contradiction and it’s driving Quentin mad. She seems so self-assured one moment and so vulnerable the next. He feels compelled to help her. But is she really going along with his deal to save her father’s company or is she just a bad liar. Only time will tell if she has any true feelings for him.

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