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Bar Mon’tblank —the power of an opportunity—


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romance urban chicklit fiction, boss and assistant, love triangle and turbulent past


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Ongoing: 09 Jul 180 pages

Publication: 30.05.2020 — ...

Description of book "Bar Mon’tblank —the power of an opportunity—"

Carlos is a mature man, arrogant, and very sure of himself.
Sara, an immature young girl, brave ... but very troublesome.

She is just a big inconvenience to him.
He is too overbearing and controlling for her.

What is the boundary between respect and tolerance?
To what extent can two people so different be able to support each other without mistreating each other?
Would you trade your ideals and convictions for someone you don't know and who you can't even trust?

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Leslie Villablanca Herrera 10.07.2020, 01:50:36

happiest birthday
thank you for the wonderful story hope to read some pages to end for free
God bless

Feggy Christopher 09.07.2020, 22:52:54

Happy Birthday Dear

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MarilynF 09.07.2020, 23:46:01

Feggy Christopher, Thanks Feggy :)

Feggy Christopher 30.06.2020, 00:20:46

Thanks for the Update

Feggy Christopher 26.06.2020, 03:17:20

great chapter
Thanks for updating
hope everything is good and settled now

ee316708600556fd 25.06.2020, 18:05:36

thanks for the update.. the book is great

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MarilynF 26.06.2020, 00:27:34

ee316708600556fd, Thanks :)

Feggy Christopher 23.06.2020, 16:47:08

Thanks for updating

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MarilynF 24.06.2020, 03:42:35

Feggy Christopher, Thanks

Black Daisy 12.06.2020, 15:20:54

ohh.... I can't wait for what happened next...

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MarilynF 12.06.2020, 17:34:19

Black Daisy, I promise you that there will be some longer chapters ... I have been translating almost on the fly, at the time of publishing.

But I already advanced a little more, so I promise that the next one will be long and interesting

hahahaha .. that sounded a bit weird

Anyway ... Do not despair.

Black Daisy 12.06.2020, 15:09:14

nice one

Feggy Christopher 11.06.2020, 01:27:52

awwwww so beautiful you dedicate this chapter to both of us. I'm loving how things are beginning to unfold between carlos and Sara. though the chapter is short, Thanks for updating. expecting more updates soon.

Feggy Christopher 09.06.2020, 22:34:54

but i have this feeling that Carlos will fall in love with Sara.

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MarilynF 10.06.2020, 00:09:01

Feggy Christopher, There is a step from hate to love ... but also backwards.

Abigail Amankwah 03.06.2020, 00:31:21

Pls can the pages be updated a little faster n it should be a lot n not one by one cuz I'm enjoying the novel n I don't want to keep waiting

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MarilynF 03.06.2020, 18:34:51

Abigail Amankwah, Thanks. :)

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