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Betide to love you


Story about:passion, mafia, love

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Ongoing: 28 Sep 56 pages

Publication: 10.09.2020 — ...

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None of this was suppose to happen. They both were so different. Candice Whale, a woman of strong facades. Tyler Moretti, a ruthless mafia leader. They were never a match.
What if he breaks all those walls of ice she built and was introduced to her shy self. Did he knew behind the face of a rude woman, an angel resides?
When both of them get bound with each eternally, she was left with no choice but to accept him wholeheartedly being ignorant of the what he does and how much menace resides in him.
But, the questions left is whether the unexpected bond forged with love was just fate or the devil has planned this all along?

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flor pangilaman 19.09.2020, 05:21:46

Please done the book i love it so much

Moanaro 17.09.2020, 11:07:59

Keep it up author, in love with this book. Fighting!!!!

Blessing Bahago (Aviva) 15.09.2020, 02:12:49


Ayushi Gupta 13.09.2020, 10:08:02

update please

Shaheen Sayed 10.09.2020, 09:48:23

was eagerly waiting for this.. loved ur book toxic marriage..☺️

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Shaheen Sayed 10.09.2020, 11:58:10

Baighaan, I m already in love wid ur story hon..❤️

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