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Bite the Governess


Story about:werewolf, love, romance

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#14 in Paranormal
#1520 in Romance

Ongoing: 15 Apr 6 pages

Publication: 13.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "Bite the Governess "

Quinn Stanley just wants to forget.
Her ex-fiance. Her overbearing mother. Her failures. So, when her best friend lands her an opening in a pack as far from her own as she can get, she jumps on the possibility, but the slot isn't for free. Quinn will have to be the Alpha's daughter's Governess until she completes initiation, and from what she's heard of the Alpha, he's not someone you want to cross.
What she doesn't count on is his brother, who also happens to be his Beta, and completely out of her reach. But, not falling for Jaxton Williams is pretty near impossible, but with friction rising amongst the pack, and the Alpha barking down her throat, Quinn must decide if the Sahara, and Jaxton, are really worth the risk.


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