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Book. "Bonded with a cold mafia" read online

Bonded with a cold mafia


Story about:mafia billionaire, maid, pregancy

Age restriction: 18+

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#2949 in Romance
#1029 in Billionaires

On Hold: 18 Jun 9 pages

Publication: 11.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "Bonded with a cold mafia"

Dilisia Mcroy has a breakdown with her step mum and is being to pack of her father's home. Since her mother passed away and her dad took in another wife things haven't gotten easy for her with her dad taking sides. Till she's being thrown off from the only place that feels like home. In the cold of the night she wanders off oy to be picked off by the ruthless mafia Damon Zandermon who makes her his maid. Till a night when the devil in Damon whines off and he sees an angel in Dili. Will this night be like other nights or will things go back to being ruthless


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Confidence Alison Atuche
22.06.2022, 22:09:15

Next update please???

Confidence Alison Atuche
23.06.2022, 11:01:26

Yes...... can’t wait!

23.06.2022, 07:48:32

Comment has been deleted

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