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Bound to Hate you


Series: Hate series

Story about:revenge, domineering man, innocent girl

Age restriction: 18+

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#14 in Romantic suspense
#59 in Billionaires

Complete 443 pages

Publication: 22.05.2021 — 05.12.2021

Description of book "Bound to Hate you"

“Ziniya, get up, right now!” Kabir barked.
“You want your revenge right, why don’t you throw me in the sea?” Ziniya said, looking at the cold blue ahead of them.
“Each time my body burns from inside, I would be paying for my sins. Each time I gasp for air, I would be atoning myself for the crime I committed. And when my vision blackout and I go still, would be when my soul would be relieved of the burden it has been carrying for so long. I would serve my punishment and then,” she trailed, raising her head to look at Kabir, “you will get your revenge.”
“Ziniya Quadri will be gone from this world, and everyone will be happy. I will be happy too.”
“You would be happy because you are dying?”
“I would be happy because you would be happy.You will finally get your peace and move on in your life."


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Zarmeen Azhar
07.05.2022, 20:24:22

i really want to read your book but an error is occurung every time I try

Zarmeen Azhar
16.05.2022, 21:36:26

Anjaani, I git their email there's a ban- I don't know what where I live

Arlene Balza
14.05.2022, 09:51:52

Author can you please give me a discount for the subcription of your book?

udhaybir shahi
10.05.2022, 15:06:20

please start Raina Ayaan book...

Olukoya Josephine
09.05.2022, 10:37:26

pls author still waiting for Raina and Ayaan story

Zarmeen Azhar
07.05.2022, 14:24:55

hi author! I am trying to make a payment but an error is occuring

Usha Aashi
01.05.2022, 17:11:50

i feel bad for sara...i think she deserves more to be with kabir than zini...i love amaan story more than this....

Saroj Kailey
29.04.2022, 12:25:04


L C Aparna Bharathi
21.04.2022, 21:28:44

I too purchased this book

Uzile Ndlovu
16.04.2022, 08:41:56

Will we ever get a Raina and Ayaan story?

Adrika Das
12.04.2022, 15:41:16

Comment has been deleted

Adrika Das
12.04.2022, 15:15:28

Comment has been deleted

Veena Nair
08.04.2022, 16:57:44

when will you write about raina and ayaan story... I want to see more about asmaira and amaan.... which will be there in between like in this story.... I love them the most

Avneet Kaur
02.04.2022, 12:53:45

hi authour,
what's ur insta id?

Priyanka Deshmukh
30.11.2021, 20:36:39

I can see only 10 chapters...can any one guide in here please...

Shreyasi Bala
08.03.2022, 13:41:24

Priyanka Deshmukh, you have to pay for reading further

04.03.2022, 10:13:34

now unlocked. ty

04.03.2022, 10:13:09

but the pages are not opening

04.03.2022, 10:12:47

I purchased this book

Poonam Lunker
23.01.2022, 20:19:17

u amaze me author all the time..your stories..are so beautifully written...but not fair by ending the story with a cliff. hanger...will wait for Raina's story..good job author

Syeda Noorah
18.01.2022, 15:22:52

Wow!!! Incredible...I enjoyed each and every chapter...the way u described every character's feeling was superb....
I loved Aaman and asmaira story...
But from now onwards this one is my favourite....
I loved the line "LIKE FATHER LIKE SON"..
And their relationship from hate to love was amazing...
Waiting for 5th book of this series....raina and ayaan's story..

Book Worm
17.01.2022, 00:44:09

My love for AMAAN HASHMI have been increased 100 times more.❤️ I love him so much.❤️
To be honest, I enjoyed each and every chapter of this book. It was a journey which i completed in 2 day. My emotions were on roller coaster. From felling hatred towards Kabir and pity towards Zini, it was completely opposite in last chapters. The whole story was mind blowing. From 1st chapter to 83rd, you proved that you are one of the best writer on Booknet. I never imagined this story being so amazing.
KABIR HASHMI, this boy is truly Amaan’s son. Like father like son. At first, i hated him for the way he behaved with ZINIYA JABRI. But now seeing how deeply he is in love with her was absolutely superb. The whole Hate-to-Love scenes are amazing. There are some scenes which i think will be mentioned in next book. Asmaira’s & Amaan’s moment in this book was cherry on top.. I miss them so much❤️
I hope you write 5th book of Hate series soon….will be eagerly waiting for Raina & Ayaan’s story.
The whole HATE series is worth reading.
God bless you❤️

18.12.2021, 06:17:58

hey I wanted to ask if this could be available in paperback because sometimes the issue readers face is that they cannot make online payments.
I really want to read this book. please ma'am think over it

10.01.2022, 10:06:04

Kia, i too want to read the book but getting problems in payment. if the book comes in paperback, I'll be one of the buyers,

Fabiola Espinosa
31.12.2021, 01:57:01

OMG! What a story! loved them all. wish you had more. can't get enough of them

22.12.2021, 23:07:50

has the story finished

Zulpha Hoosain
19.12.2021, 13:01:36

Just beautiful, at times emotional. Hats off to the author. Keep writing.

Subhra Rath
15.12.2021, 20:46:40

Whoever is purchasing the book now, plz don't forget to hit the star button. The author has put 10months of hardwork in to this book. So plz appreciate her efforts by hitting the star.

Urbila Hassan
14.12.2021, 14:32:11

what a story.. I had just finished the book story is amazing Anjani you're the best... eagerly waiting for Raina and ayaan story...

Longan Cho
13.12.2021, 03:49:59

What a beautiful book keep up the good work!

11.12.2021, 10:28:14

That was a beautiful book.

Urbila Hassan
07.12.2021, 19:10:39

Happy birthday ... how can i purchase the book

11.12.2021, 03:56:56

Urbila Hassan, Me too

10.12.2021, 18:47:54

will Ayan and Raina story be free

Shwin Aucks
08.12.2021, 23:14:49

This is my favorite book so far

Elisha Ann
08.12.2021, 19:34:19

Comment has been deleted

Kanwal Aman
05.12.2021, 16:22:50

Did I say the updates were awesome??? oh my goodness they were AWESOME!!!!

As for the guess who the intruder is I think it can't be Ayan cuz Raina knows him from childhood how can it be him? 2nd is Shaaz who is probably in the hospital now.. and kabir knows him as well.. So we are left with Nehal and Mike only ??

Kanwal Aman
08.12.2021, 18:14:12

Anjaani, Sounds cool author, You are awesome!

vijaya mahlawat
08.12.2021, 17:27:04

wishing you a very Happy Birthday.. Stay blessed always

priyadharshini thandabani
06.12.2021, 02:28:13

Where I can purchase the whole book, only able to see 10 chapters

08.12.2021, 13:27:33

priyadharshini thandabani, You can purchase the book now.

Alishba Saeed
05.12.2021, 19:03:37

i can't buy this book why option is not yherw

08.12.2021, 13:27:06

Alishba Saeed, You can purchase the book now.

Radhika Kumar
05.12.2021, 03:00:19

Hi author why am I not able to see the updated chapters

08.12.2021, 13:26:51

Radhika Kumar, You can purchase the book.

Leah Sulatra
08.12.2021, 11:05:10

Oh I’m sorry I mean love story of Kabir and Zini. It was way too short Lovely Anjaani. I truly want to know about how many children they got, and how their lives move as they live together. I didn’t hear about Zini’s family, what is their reaction when they found out They are back to each other again. Oh! Pardon me, so much imGination. But I love the journey of the Hasmi’s, from Aaman to Kabir. I love them and you Anjaani❤️❤️❤️

08.12.2021, 13:24:56

Leah Sulatra, I think you didn't read the note I wrote at the end before I deleted it as per platform requirement. There will be Raina and Ayaan's book and there you would see kabir too.

Nurul Atikah
08.12.2021, 02:35:25

I cant move on with this story. Goodjob author

08.12.2021, 13:23:37

Nurul Atikah, Thanks dear.

Ioana Botea
07.12.2021, 23:53:19

Congratulations Anjaani!! You made it!!! Thank you ? !!! I can’t wait to read a story with Raina snd Ayaan!!!

08.12.2021, 13:23:24

Ioana Botea, My pleasure dear.

Nazia Maqsood
07.12.2021, 22:18:55

Horray!!! Book finished. Great job Author. Looking forward to your new coming Novel.:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

08.12.2021, 13:22:29

Nazia Maqsood, Thanks dear!

Hannah Heath
07.12.2021, 22:16:18

Have a very happy birthday!! May love, happiness & grace follows you every step you take!!
Thank you for this wonderful book series!! These books was epic!! It tick every box in love, hate, suspense, revenge, redemption and more!! These books would stay in my heart forever!!! THANK YOU!!

08.12.2021, 13:22:18

Hannah Heath, Thanks dear.

soumya das
07.12.2021, 11:31:25

Wishing you a very very happy birthday dear author.

08.12.2021, 13:22:02

soumya das, Thanks dear.

Alishba Saeed
06.12.2021, 22:49:49

ok thank you

08.12.2021, 13:21:46

Alishba Saeed, My pleasure.

Siya Ram
06.12.2021, 16:04:04

hi author, the story is really awesome... I just love the book alot... you are really great author... I completely involved in the story... the first thing I do when I woke up in the morning is to check whether there is any update from you or not. before going to sleep again I check for your update...
and again thanks alot for your awesome "hate series".... All the best author for your future stories... and I am eagerly waiting for ayaan and Raina's story.... I hope you didn't make us to wait for long....

08.12.2021, 13:21:37

Siya Ram, Thanks dear. Ayaan's book will be there bt I will not publish it till I write major part of it and is sure to publish it.

06.12.2021, 11:01:51

Amazing Anjaani!!! Very Well done the way you carried all of us together with this story :-)

08.12.2021, 13:20:40

Shelly, Thank you for being there till the end of it.

06.12.2021, 10:22:38

beautiful..the passionate u showed in kabir slove was awesome

08.12.2021, 13:19:26

shah, Thank you. Hope u enjoyed it

06.12.2021, 09:49:49

Okay! So this book was magical and it was honestly my first purchase on Booknet. I was so captivated by the storyline that when you have announced that there will be second part of this series and it will be paid I had already started collecting coins to purchase this book. It’s making me feel so sad that now it came to an end but wow. The story was beautiful. Kabir and ziniya would always be one of my favorite characters and you wrote their love story in a different way then you usually writes your other stories but what an amazing story it was. now I’m more exited for Raina and Ayaan story. I always wanted to read a story from their point of view and there you go. Thankyou so much in advance for that. Till then I will be waiting for the next story. Byee

08.12.2021, 13:19:01

Priyaa, Thanks dear for giving it a read.

06.12.2021, 06:38:35

Hey book is still not available

08.12.2021, 13:18:31

shreha, You can purchase the book now. It's on sale.

kannabathula bhargavi
07.12.2021, 04:08:34

WISHING OUR BORN WRITER A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Dear author Ajaani, you do know how much we love your books. Just keep coming up with Amazing books like u always do. Your books are magical and so your writing skills. Waiting for your upcoming books impatiently. Ofcourse, celebrate with a tequila now, for having ample free time. Lol! Once again wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUTHORJI. Wishing you Whole lotta love, laughter, and a bright future as an Amazing Writer ahead. Love you, and will support you no matter what! :*

08.12.2021, 13:17:59

kannabathula bhargavi, Lol, your birthday wish in Insta and here made my day. Thank you so much!

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