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Captive Enough

Ryo Eka

Story about:boyxboy, scholarxking, korea

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Publication: 14.09.2020 — ...

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Description of book "Captive Enough"

The Joseon scholar was captured by the crowned prince of Goryeo, who was madly in love with him. The hatred and the malious captivity change into the shape of lustful love of these to 20s. Soon, obstacles arrive their ways when their countries broke into war, against each other. When the whole country plots to kill Kim Jin Hyeok, will the crowned prince, Song Hyun be able to save him from the bitter adversaries? Will they end up together or push eachother off? Only painfully succumbing to the cruel norms of the society that only demean love that is boundless and limitless. Only raw emotions overwhelmingly deep.


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Ryo Eka
27.09.2020, 00:52:28

I will post it tomorrow...

Oyedele Deborah
26.09.2020, 16:00:26

nice!!, when is the next update?