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Book. "Choices Of The Heart" read online

Choices Of The Heart

Ivette Crespo

Story about:courage, doubts, frienship

40 1038

#279 in Young adult
#120 in Inspiration romance

Complete 120 pages

Publication: 28.08.2022 — 26.09.2022

Description of book "Choices Of The Heart"

‎Leah and Emily are sisters from London's high society who have been sent to an expensive boarding school. Their parents have been spared the daily obligations of their upbringing but they could not imagine that these girls escaped and began to live a very different life from the one they knew before. That kind of life their parents always wanted to spare them from.

‎Now the mission of their parents is to find them but the mission of the sisters is not to let themselves be found. One thing is clear to both parties: they will not rest until they achieve their goal. ‎
‎At any price. ‎‎ ‎

‎The struggle for independence and freedom, the stumbles in a world full of hardships and unexpected adventures, the strong bonds of friendship created, and of course, the romance will make every step t

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Lynn Austria
27.09.2022, 11:11:30

Thank you very much for the wonderful love story, you’re a brilliant writer,keep up the good work, hope to read more of your books. Congratulations ????? take care and stay safe God bless us ??????

Ivette Crespo
02.10.2022, 05:40:12

Lynn Austria, Finally someone comments, thanks a lot. I’m happy you liked it.

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