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Book. "Danco principle" read online

Danco principle

Антон Данко

Story about:moraly, yragedy, psichology

2 428

#520 in Contemporary Romance

Complete 145 pages

Publication: 11.07.2022 — 31.07.2022

Description of book "Danco principle"

The poison slowly spread throughout the body, through all the vessels. Consciousness gradually turned off, and thoughts began to unconsciously get confused in the head. Somehow, life was dying out unusually easily and calmly. A weightless body, like a light cloud, floated somewhere to the side, and below, sprawled on the bed, lay a lonely man who was not yet old. In fact, it was already a corpse ...
The soul gradually left his lifeless body and tried to remember everything, how quickly everything flew before the eyes of this unfortunate man. Yes, life is a complicated thing, but it ends the same for everyone.
And no matter who you are, no matter what you achieve - the end is the same. At this last border, a person remembers everything he did, everything he didn't do, but wanted to do. Her


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