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Dark Deception

Ralf Royale

Story about:heartbreak, abuse, bullying

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#21 in Romantic suspense
#9 in Young adult

Ongoing: 18 Sep 94 pages

Publication: 11.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "Dark Deception"

"Please go away and.....please don't contact Jessica or me from now on!" he ordered while shaking his head.

I gave him a confused look. Is this the same guy who said he was a fan of mine? Is he the same guy who partied with me?


When Olivia Adams, an Indian Youtuber was invited to Vidcon by her idol Sam, she didn't miss it for the world!

Upon meeting Sam in person, she began to develop feelings for him unknowingly and was drawn to him by his charming looks.

However, a tsunami of bad luck washed upon her happy moments when her past mistakes drove Erica to came back for revenge.

One by one, Olivia started to loose everyone including her family who were murdered.

Will Olivia come to know the truth behind these heartbreaking events and put a stop them?

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May L 20.09.2020, 07:16:10

i dont know what is jack behavior with olivia now it looks like he care if i remember he also was on erika team he also responsible for olivia lock up in the bathroom, GREAT CHAPTER!

May L 15.09.2020, 07:42:36


May L 10.09.2020, 07:07:12

Author oh please make it a little longer this so little i need more!! now that is going to be good PLEASE

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Ralf Royale 14.09.2020, 14:42:02

May L, thank you so much :)

May L 07.09.2020, 07:17:18

poor olivia i mean i feel sorry for her she lost her family i hope she find the murder soon and make him pay!!

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May L 10.09.2020, 07:05:19

Comment has been deleted

May L 05.09.2020, 06:47:12

so now he kill him i can see is MICHAEL who did yup that what i think!

May L 04.09.2020, 07:10:24

author dont stoop please!! THANK YOU!!

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Ralf Royale 04.09.2020, 08:18:53

May L, New update will arrive today :)

May L 01.09.2020, 06:41:41

now this getting good!!! OLIVIA i think she going to catch the murder for her family

May L 29.08.2020, 07:18:10

ERIKA have no limits does she isnt enough what she to did OLIVIA now using poor SAM still i think he still a manipulative even so he trust people so easy.

May L 27.08.2020, 06:31:07

what the hell!! OLIVIA is devastating she lost her family and now SAM is being a jerk with her!!! MICHAEL is also a asshole as well what why will he that do seriously just to make ERIKA happen I MEAN COME ON!!!!! AUTHOR dont you dare stop! is getting good!!

The last comment in the thread:

Ralf Royale 28.08.2020, 14:13:53

May L, Thank you! I just updated :)

May L 24.08.2020, 07:22:38

this devastating really poor OLIVIA when she has to find the truth about her family killed SAM should not listen to JACK I mean what OLIVIA did she has done nothing im sure
someone frame her about the comments years ago but who I wonder OMGOOD AUTHOR KEEP UP!!

The last comment in the thread:

Ralf Royale 24.08.2020, 16:28:10

May L, Aw thank you so much! There are many secrets that will unfold so stay tuned! :)

May L 23.08.2020, 07:48:45

author i have to say your book have drama jealousy EVERYTHING!! i dont want sam to that her i mean WHY JACK IS ACTING LIKE SOMEONE WHO WANTS ATTENTION!!

May L 21.08.2020, 06:39:59


The last comment in the thread:

Ralf Royale 22.08.2020, 19:03:46

May L, Aw thats so sweet of you! For sure! I'm aiming to do just that! With your love and support I will surely reach that goal :)

Ralf Royale 20.08.2020, 21:38:39

⚠️⚠️Update: New chapters from now onwards will be uploaded on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday! I hope you guys love my book and I await your feedback! Love you guys a lot! :)

May L 19.08.2020, 06:42:00

brilliant NIKITA got what she wanted to embarrassed herself hahahaha!! not to mention her viewers wow!!

The last comment in the thread:

Ralf Royale 19.08.2020, 15:48:22

May L, Yes! Karma finally doing her thing lol

Fiona martin 18.08.2020, 17:42:29

why is they after olivia, she so kind and polite.

The last comment in the thread:

Ralf Royale 18.08.2020, 17:49:02

Fiona martin, I know right? A lot will be answered in upcoming chapters! Stay tuned! Thank you for reading my book and supporting me! Means a lot!

Alexis Dee 18.08.2020, 17:13:39

Wow a new update already

May L 16.08.2020, 07:02:46


The last comment in the thread:

Ralf Royale 16.08.2020, 13:32:50

May L, aww thank you! This means a lot to me! I updated the book now! ilysm

May L 14.08.2020, 07:34:50

love it how is going!!!

The last comment in the thread:

Ralf Royale 14.08.2020, 19:05:45

May L, Thank you so much! :)

Gracie Ella leonard 13.08.2020, 19:42:02

wowww the story is getting interesting. please follow me back or add up my library for updates, thanks❤❤

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Gracie Ella leonard 13.08.2020, 19:52:23

Ralf Royale, same here dear❤❤, thanks.

May L 13.08.2020, 07:18:12

i dont know why jack react that way but sam should have not been mean with him
also NIKITA that little devil i think she going to do gossip with Olivia and Sam im sure she going to make Olivia have a hard time

The last comment in the thread:

Ralf Royale 13.08.2020, 14:16:54

May L, Oh everything will be clear soon! Thank you so much for reading my book! Please remember to share it too ❤️. I will be updating today soon! ?

May L 12.08.2020, 09:02:05

sam past that guy have it really rough life poor guy for nikita I can see she going to a nasty b*tch a horrible person just because Olivia has more viewers she should not be this evil with her

The last comment in the thread:

Ralf Royale 12.08.2020, 09:50:08

May L, Well thats the way some people are! Jealous of people's success! Stay tuned for everyday updates! Love you so much for reading my book!

May L 12.08.2020, 08:51:19

interesting Olivia is a positive girl I can see that Sam also also looks like a great guy but who know what appears is not what it seem!! author great start!!

The last comment in the thread:

Ralf Royale 12.08.2020, 09:48:59

May L, Oh its gonna get very interesting in the next chapters! Thank you so much for enjoying my book! New update today!

Alexis Dee 11.08.2020, 21:55:04

Omg so excited for this book.

The last comment in the thread:

Ralf Royale 12.08.2020, 09:48:21

Alexis Dee, Aw thank you so much!

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