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Book. "Deja Vu..." read online

Deja Vu...


Story about:bxb, omegaverse, singer

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#277 in Young adult
#2593 in Romance

On Hold: 29 Aug 1 pages

Publication: 29.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "Deja Vu..."

Nirv Quiché, rising star singer of the world, loved by all, a national treasure with a voice like a bird. Unfortunately he dies young in a building collapse, or that's what everyone thinks...

A year later there's a 17 year old omega boy genius joining a renowned colledge in country A. He's quiet, and known as Irillus Quiché apparently the younger brother of Nirv. He has only one friend, a beta named Eliot Baster that's a blond long-haired, lanky person and suffers from delayed defrintiation.
But what happens when Heath Domino an alpha and childhood friend of Nirv decides to stick to Irillus like glue. Irillus can't help but think Heath knows something...


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