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Devil As A Husband

Innayat Hussain

Story about:forced love, a love triangle, love and trust

Age restriction: 18+

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#192 in Erotic
#141 in Contemporary Romance

Complete 243 pages

Publication: 04.05.2021 — 20.10.2021

Description of book "Devil As A Husband "

Heart -is the biggest traitor in our body. It makes us do the most stupid thing.......... Like now, I'm in the terrace with my sanity lost. All the prestigious people, my parents and my best friend are standing below with anticipation. In the corner is the stone hearted man glaring at my absurdity.
" if you don't love me, I will jump " ......because as much I protect my heart from him its pointless.
That day I granted myself a vicious life in the hands of the devil. I committed the sin of loving the most ruthless, insane and aggressive man in the world. And sealed my fate with inhumanity.

It contains mature and abusive scene. Read at your own risk.


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Christelle Bihege
01.05.2022, 12:41:30

I had a lot of joy reading it. Go on you're a very talented writer.

Christelle Bihege
30.04.2022, 18:08:56

true love conquers all!

Innayat Hussain
30.04.2022, 18:56:31

Christelle Bihege, does....and thanks for the reward. it will motivate me to write further...and yeah...also thanks for purchasing my book...

Nusrat Mitu
12.02.2022, 22:13:03

i want to read this novel

04.02.2022, 01:45:32

Love this story and it is really interesting to read and would to read the rest of the story

03.02.2022, 23:35:12

This book has been one of the most captivating and addicting of all the stories I've and that's a lot coming out of me because I have read a lot of stories. But not one of them have ever felt addicted so thank the hard work and dedication could clearly be seen in practically all the chapters

I am creative
03.02.2022, 22:37:38

loved the book it was so amazing just as always!!!

Amanda lily
03.02.2022, 21:08:41

This plot is really unique. This has an amazing storyline. Zara and Azlan are the perfect combination. They are just made for each other. Azlan left his status behind and came down just so he could get her and she didn't see his status. she just gave him her heart. They faced any problems and I really want to know separated them. I really want to know whether Azlan will gain Zara back or not.

Athena Roy
03.02.2022, 13:13:27

this story actually gave me chills while reading it... especially in the prologue but as it is said we should never judge a book by its cover by the time story started processing I started to feel the character and most hilarious thing is I used to yell, cry, laugh, etc while reading it ... and the looks I've gotten from people for it just don't ask about it.. Lmao.
Overall This story is worth it and I loved it.

Lakhan Sav
03.02.2022, 10:42:24

Zara and Aslan is perfect combination like they made for each other. This story Mixture of several emotions. Love, sad, passion, madrness, possiveness, regret, betray, funny.I can't describe how much Aslan and zara love each other. For making her his own he come to her status on the other hand zara didn't see his status or where he came from she just give her heart to him. But their love journey wasn't that much easy. They had faced so much difficulties specially aslan faced so much difficulties. I really want know know did they end up each other? What level aslan would go for Zara. Did he again gain her trust? Who is the main culprit of their separation. All those questions stuck in my mind.

I am creative
03.02.2022, 08:48:23

omg!! i love this book i really wanna read this book!! i have read your other books as well and i love them they are just so my type and i really love them so much ...keep writing such amazing books dear author :))

pritika patel
03.02.2022, 06:11:27

I want know how she get her love? he is really love her?? From to much lost she really get happiness?? There so many questions in my mind that I want read this book I desperately want read and about ending

02.02.2022, 23:13:48

outstanding story!!!

02.02.2022, 20:50:16

The plot is really unique for me. I've never read any story like this before. I was so engrossed in reading that I forgot it's a paid book lol. I can't wait to read the remaining chapters. This is so my type!! I've also read "His Love Feels Like Shackle" and believe me it's an amazing story!!

Josie joe
17.12.2021, 08:25:18

wow... fascinating story with good plots. I can't stopped reading it till the end. The two characters touched my heart with strong love and tears me out... worth to purchased the book.

Innayat Hussain
17.12.2021, 09:41:53

Josie joe, thank you so much for your appreciated words

Jamila Aminbhavi
12.12.2021, 12:35:32

Thanks author for this amazing novel, beautiful emotions of both Aslan and Zaara. Loved both the characters you are an amazing writer.

Ronda Workman Wellman
03.11.2021, 05:03:00

Loved this book. Bravo author. Beautiful love story.

Innayat Hussain
03.11.2021, 05:04:54

Ronda Workman Wellman, awwww, .thks..keep supporting

30.10.2021, 19:20:47

Wow is a beautiful story where live overcome everything

Innayat Hussain
30.10.2021, 19:48:21

Espinalbm, thank much...

Eram Khan
30.10.2021, 06:35:53

beautiful story dear author. I love your writing

Innayat Hussain
30.10.2021, 09:03:14

Eram Khan, thank you so much

Spark Hussain
27.10.2021, 12:28:43

wow...just finished this book and still purchased. love it so much.

Innayat Hussain
27.10.2021, 19:35:59

Spark Hussain, thank you. I'm glad that you liked it .

reena agrawal
26.10.2021, 13:59:46

Thank god I have finished this book... Before payment option....??

Lakhan Sav
25.10.2021, 13:35:53

I was going to read this book after my exams(T_T).. but now it's on sale... I missed this book... ಥ‿ಥ.. r u gonna conduct giveaways after dec??

Innayat Hussain
25.10.2021, 16:56:39

Lakhan Sav, :)

25.10.2021, 14:29:51

I happy that I read the book already

Usha Aashi
25.10.2021, 14:01:19

story is too good...i already read the book...

Hasnat Jahan
22.10.2021, 04:45:06

The ending is too good. I really feel in love with Aslan and Zara special Aslam. Every girl wants her husband like Asaln. His love and caring is limitless towards zara. But I'm sad that this story is end, I can't next chapter. I don't have to wait for your update!!! I wish this story were going on but alas!! everything have a ending. It's very hard for me to say good bye to this story. Thank you dear author for giving such a amazing story. Best of luck of your upcoming stoties.

Innayat Hussain
25.10.2021, 13:26:06

Hasnat Jahan, thank you dear...for your support...

Babita Padaruth
25.10.2021, 13:07:36

tks you. very beautiful love story.

Sowmya Udupa
24.10.2021, 13:48:56

very beautiful and heart warming story

Dhruty Mody
24.10.2021, 12:32:46

cute errotic love story

Innayat Hussain
24.10.2021, 12:55:04

Dhruty Mody, hahaha....i like it.

booknet reader
24.10.2021, 02:48:45

hey innayat, will there be book 2 ? if yes please don't make it paid until u complete the book . your readers will be grateful.

Eram Khan
23.10.2021, 19:58:12

amazing book author... Love your writing

Eram Khan
23.10.2021, 19:56:51

Comment has been deleted

23.10.2021, 13:35:22

hey author,your Instagram id?

Innayat Hussain
23.10.2021, 13:44:50


Icy Cute
23.10.2021, 12:17:00

Thanks author for this wonderful book

savi santana
21.10.2021, 22:56:39

i love it

Innayat Hussain
22.10.2021, 18:09:31

savi santana, :)

Nahid Sheikh
22.10.2021, 00:14:07

Such a beautiful journey it is. Hate, Love, Friendship, Suspense, emotions of every individual described beautifully specially Zara though in reality I don't appreciate or encourage a girl to be like Zara who is madly in love with a guy but yeah there are girls/women like Zara who loves unconditionally. And Aslan, I like his transformation. In the beginning he was like a beast but then he was a changed man. But I felt bad for Tina and Eshan, they both deserve a Happy ending too.

Innayat Hussain
22.10.2021, 18:09:17

Nahid Sheikh, thks dr

Lynn Austria
22.10.2021, 04:52:13

Thank you, I love this book. You're a good writer ??? whencan we read the new books? Take care, stay safe and Godbless us ??

Innayat Hussain
22.10.2021, 18:09:05

Lynn Austria, thks

22.10.2021, 16:00:19

keep it up dear, This is Soo Amazing

Innayat Hussain
22.10.2021, 18:08:54

Opeyemi, thank u

Alda Alda
22.10.2021, 12:39:04

I really enjoyed reading this book and i liked so much their love story

Keisha Mars
22.10.2021, 04:54:43

Omg i m in love love love with their story. I always prefer happy endings idk why but it soothes my mind. Aslan is literally the dreamy guy and zara and both are extremely lucky to have each other. BTW Aslan and Zara are not the mere Characters of the story they are emotion ❤Atlast thankyou author fot this sweet yet erotic love story. I also love you other stories but this is my fav among all ur stories ❤❤❤❤ Best os luck for ur further novels

21.10.2021, 17:22:59

A great love story….inayat dear u r a gifted writer….enjoyed thoroughly reading it…Aslan and Zara were awesome and how can zara b called weak for loving someone so passionately and selflessly without an ounce of ego…. Thanx again for giving us such wonderful story.

21.10.2021, 16:45:52

Love the ending.... Nice story.... Thanks

Chanderika Sharma
21.10.2021, 16:42:16

Aslan is so sweet . He stole my heart and I love this book a lot . I think I have no words to describe its beauty .
Well Done !!
Thank you for caring so much for your readers ❤️....

21.10.2021, 07:09:12

Aslan and zara my fav love u both

21.10.2021, 15:38:57

Innayat Hussain, Innayat Hussain, s they r so close to my heart especially Aslan unconditional love for zara and zara s no less she too loved him extremely I love them both

21.10.2021, 14:17:00

This was such a beautiful story. Aslan and Zara make a lovely couple and are really close to my heart.:)

Madhu Maddy
21.10.2021, 14:17:57

Very beautiful story ?... Loved it from the bottom of the heart ❤️... Best of luck author... ? Take care and gives us lovely books to read...

oyindamola oluwaseun
21.10.2021, 14:02:43

this novel is really interesting

Ansara Khan
21.10.2021, 12:48:44

Heyy author this book was so so awesome every turn and twist in it only made the book more attractive and keep one interested in it. You've hot some great skills and putting your imagination in words would've been lots work to do, but finally this beautiful journey came to end and thankyou author for letting me be a part of this. As reader I there's anyone reading my comment I recommend you this book to read as the author is very good in the field you must read this book!!!!! Excited for your upcoming books and waiting eagerly so keep going and stay safe author!!!!!^_^

Priyanka Yadav
21.10.2021, 08:13:54

It was such an amazing journey, beautiful journey with aslan and Zara the way you expressed each and every emotion was mesmerizing, it was a different lovestory from the ones which we usually read , from the time you mentioned about the book going on subscription I have read my favourite chapters and favourite dialogues so many times but still can't get enough of it.It is one of my favourite book and always look forward for your excellent works but this story was still an exceptional for me ,thanku for your hard work and also for keeping it free till the end ,best of luck for your future works.

Innayat Hussain
21.10.2021, 09:56:40

Priyanka Yadav, Thanks a lot

21.10.2021, 07:43:33

Please dont end this storyy......... their loverstory is soooooo heart touching and should go on more.... maybe add more moments from past? nd future also....... Aslans insecurity and zaras unconditional love??? but dont end this one plz

Chanderika Sharma
21.10.2021, 07:30:05

So beautiful story of Zara and Aslan ❤️.

Innayat Hussain
21.10.2021, 07:33:18

Chanderika Sharma, thank you..

Jane K
21.10.2021, 06:42:05

good story author all the best for next story

Innayat Hussain
21.10.2021, 07:25:53

Jane K, thank you

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