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Description of book "Do Us Part"

Circumstance forces an ex couple, Sam Sanderson and Natalie Bryce to reunite after eleven years of seperation after Natalie is aappointed to work in Sam's office. At first, they both tried to be civil to each other, clearly showing the other they have moved on from the past. However, certain situations forces them to relieve the moments when it all came crashing down.

This time, they are forced to make choices that might alter their lives.

What do you think will happen? Are things about to get better or will they get worse?

Find out in this riveting story.


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Dream of books
22.05.2021, 15:31:36

i really them to together dear please can u promise me so u can read

Dream of books
01.05.2021, 09:27:29

OK now i don't what some other books like they are marrying their own other partners and these two lovely will say I am not perfect for you and I am happy with what I have and you are happy with tmyour husband so let's be friends and good bye forever :if it is this type of story please inform me before because I can't see them apart I only want Natalie and Sam together no one if it not please I request tell me it will broke my heart if it won't happen in end please

Osuagwu miracle Chidinma
14.02.2021, 20:15:23

I love you stories

Jamiu Olukayode
09.11.2020, 22:05:24

This part is wonderful ?

Jamiu Olukayode
19.10.2020, 23:11:15

Hmm ?
something is coming up

Jamiu Olukayode
12.10.2020, 15:16:46

Good one ?

Jamiu Olukayode
03.10.2020, 00:47:45

Good ?

Rainier Famadico
25.09.2020, 21:55:26


bharat jio
24.09.2020, 08:15:48

pls update

Jamiu Olukayode
14.09.2020, 00:26:25

Coming through ??

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