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Publication: 08.07.2019 — 08.07.2019

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Description of book "Dream of Proposal"

Neha, a divorcee, is in love with a widower, Prashanth. Her colleague, Richard, is interested in her, but Neha ignores his advancement. When Prashanth tells Neha he has been transferred to Noida, Neha decides to propose to him. Will she be successful in uniting with Prashanth? Read on.


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18.01.2020, 02:26:58

Like the story

Vijay Kerji
19.01.2020, 04:34:36

Thank you for your interest!

01.09.2019, 15:43:30

I liked Neha. She was a pretty strong character. I think she will be fine and maybe her and Richard will end up more than friends, maybe not. The fact that she is considering coffee with him shows how resilient she is

Vijay Kerji
01.09.2019, 17:14:34

You are correct. Neha is hurt, and that's the reason she accepts Richard's proposal in the end. I also had the same idea in my mind that she is interested in a long time relationship with him. But this is a short story and I had to end it. But this has a potential to become a full length novel! Thanks for reading!

Goodness Shadrach
24.07.2019, 16:45:56

your stories don't have happy endings why?

Vijay Kerji
24.07.2019, 16:52:16

I think you can find happy endings in my full length novels. But somehow I ended these two short stories this way. I hope you will find my upcoming works interesting with happy ever after endings

Goodness Shadrach
24.07.2019, 16:46:00

I love happy endings but I have not been lucky with any : (

Kelli Callahan
08.07.2019, 21:15:33

this time she´ll accept the proposal

Vijay Kerji
09.07.2019, 05:17:47

Glad you enjoyed the story. Please follow me for the latest updates

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