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Eighty-eight sleeves

Cathy Doromal

Story about:maturecontent, romantic drama, romance with billonaire

Age restriction: 18+

17 36

#1833 in Billionaires
#5452 in Romance

On Hold: 28 Nov 32 pages

Publication: 13.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Eighty-eight sleeves"

Lunette Samir. A young CEO, a billionaire, a model, and woman with intelligence that ended up with a lot of bad relationships in the past. Being the perfect woman as she is, she wasn’t expecting to be at the bottom part when it comes to love and relationships as she’s more than just a man’s dream.

Laurence Yu. An art student in a university, simple man, no plans, no ambitions to be higher. Known to be talented but alone in his university. He never dreams to be rich and to be with someone for a lifetime.

But how would things end when two peculiar worlds collide in one space, one time, and one chance with a million different risks have come to stop them? Can the universe give them another chance to prove that love can conquer differences?


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