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Emberhearth: A Reader Influenced Litrpg Adventure

G. Carleton

Story about:litrpg, epic fantasy, reader influence

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Description of book "Emberhearth: A Reader Influenced Litrpg Adventure"

The sun is setting on the Emberhearth Empire. While the remaining members of the nobility beat a hasty retreat to the capital, the commoners are left to fend for themselves against a rapidly encroaching darkness that appears destined to overtake the land - and maybe the entire world.

Enter a stranger. Born in a distant land, and bearing a legendary power, could this mysterious being be the savior that humanity has been waiting for? Or, could they be something far more sinister?

In this reader influenced story, you will have a part in shaping the destiny of the world. As this story is written, you will be polled about the direction that the main character should take. The choices you make will influence the outcome of this world, leading it either to prosperity or ruin.

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Stripedgillette 14.09.2019, 15:12:10

I hope you can continue this story at a later date.

Stripedgillette 07.08.2019, 07:42:28

Do you have a specific update schedule?

Stripedgillette 26.07.2019, 07:37:24

Will we have the opportunity to help Amber be less... *intense* about the becoming a monster thing?

I foresee her zealousness causing problems down the line.

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G. Carleton 26.07.2019, 18:07:36

That's a good question. This next choice will matter a lot in that regard.

G. Carleton 25.07.2019, 03:15:05

The new survey is here:

Make sure to check my blog post for the results of the last survey.

G. Carleton 23.07.2019, 23:29:35

New update coming out tonight :)

Stripedgillette 18.07.2019, 09:14:41

Aww, poor Amber. I expected more from her.

Stripedgillette 18.07.2019, 09:06:07

Oh, nice. We've got dual forms.

G. Carleton 17.07.2019, 06:52:10

Thanks friends, and sorry for the delay.

Please see my full blog post here for the results from last week's poll -

This week's poll is now live:

Roza Csergo 15.07.2019, 20:32:52

waiting for updates :-)

G. Carleton 10.07.2019, 23:29:10

To those who are wondering, the first batch of polls have been closed and the results will be revealed in short order along with the continuation of our story. More than 60 people voted! Stay tuned for a blog post from me for a full accounting of the results, and how I ended up changing the story in accordance with them.

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G. Carleton 12.07.2019, 04:34:42

Stripedgillette, It was supposed to drop today, but I have delayed it one day. A group of people also want me to publish this book on another platform, in addition to LN, and I am waiting for final permissions. I want to be able to publish it here and there at the same time so that everyone has a chance to vote in poll 2.

Stripedgillette 09.07.2019, 19:05:13

At least we know who our big bad is from the start.

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Stripedgillette 10.07.2019, 00:37:48

Just finished the survey.

Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Stripedgillette 09.07.2019, 19:04:02

"The lesser creatures"
Don't like the sound of this lady.

Roza Csergo 07.07.2019, 09:43:01

Wow! Congratulations on this awesome idea!
I very much enjoy this style and you write so well.
Can't wait for the updates. I voted but there are so many turns this story could take.
I added it to my library and followed you.
Happy writing!

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Roza Csergo 07.07.2019, 20:24:30

G. Carleton, Thank you so much for reading my story. It truly means a lot. Hope you like it.

G. Carleton 07.07.2019, 06:19:50

It is now time for our protagonist to be born!

Complete the survey by 7/10/19 to impact the story. (This survey comes after the prologue and chapter 1).

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G. Carleton 07.07.2019, 20:14:30

Tim Lawson, Hello Tim,

Yes, the story will be published in its entirety on LitNet.

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