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Ongoing: 22 Feb 29 pages

Publication: 24.01.2021 — ...
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Description of book "Ever So Enamored"

EVER SO ENAMORED is a Paranormal Romance fantasy that follows an action-packed relationship between Isabella, the most beautiful lady in Berlea and Adrien the Witcher.
Isabella had to be gutsy and forthright to stand the insult. Little did she know that the demon king would make her life miserable. She wants to escape the hundred days; The Hundred days in that hell or die freezing in the bare floor of her prison. Scarlett, her exceedingly intelligent cousin plays tactically to help her but some or the other way, every thing ends up in trouble for them. To her redemption, comes Adrien and his friends, though they know the depth of the danger. Adrien and Isabella eventually falls in love, which takes their lives to a different level of complication.

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PRAMEELA SUJITH 06.02.2021, 18:12:00

Dear, It is written so beautifully and I love the way the story goes. I'm waiting for you to update more.

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Abhirami Sujith 06.02.2021, 19:40:56

PRAMEELA SUJITH, Thankyouu ♥️♥️

PRAMEELA SUJITH 05.02.2021, 07:53:56

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Elite Embellishment 04.02.2021, 12:13:08

I love it. I'm waiting for more ?
So beautiful story and equally intellectual characters.

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Abhirami Sujith 04.02.2021, 12:14:53

Elite Embellishment, Thankyou ♥️

anu asoka devidas 03.02.2021, 09:37:47

Wow...I Love this story..❤️Beautifully written.

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Abhirami Sujith 04.02.2021, 06:42:32

anu asoka devidas, Thankyou sweetheart ♥️

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