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Fake Nerd Alert

Lechna Baram

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romance erotico, romance and friendship, romance and comedy


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Publication: 03.04.2020 — 03.04.2020

Description of book "Fake Nerd Alert "

Meet Karma Victoria Amington, the perfect daughter to her parents and the perfect best friend that anyone would want. But what's really underneath her look? They call her a nerd. But is she really one or is it just a cover?

Meet Aiden Black, the typical bad boy who do whatever he wants and who's always surrounded by the popular clique.

What's going to happen when they come across each other? Read to find out.

It's not my first book... Read my other books and don't forget to vote and comment :)

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Azra Abdul 31.07.2020, 21:33:04

awwwww.....sooooooooo cute ......

Azra Abdul 30.07.2020, 09:34:48

heck!!is that all ur story??

EZINNE LUCIA 26.07.2020, 13:08:30

thanks for writing this great book, I totally feel in love with it

26 X A Prashansa Das 20.07.2020, 17:39:29

Very nice ending

Gagandeep Kaur 25.06.2020, 19:49:56

great story ❣️

coral harewood 23.06.2020, 00:17:59

this app is ok

Nyla Monch 20.06.2020, 01:54:23

Nyla Monch 20.06.2020, 01:51:49

Omds we get it

Bhoomi Jhumun 19.06.2020, 11:08:04

Nice story

Tchuinte Sidonie 18.06.2020, 12:47:35

I loved this story!!!

Fasiha Qureshi 16.06.2020, 20:17:32

it was superb funny sexy i loved it great work

Adaeze Ngwu 13.06.2020, 13:46:05

beautiful ❤️

Kie 05.06.2020, 20:27:08


ivannah joy 05.06.2020, 20:08:21


Nithu Goud 05.06.2020, 10:39:03


Charmaine faulcner 03.06.2020, 17:05:50


JC Aguirre 09.05.2020, 09:45:59

i like it

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Mirza Afzal Baig 01.06.2020, 16:30:22


ivannah joy 01.06.2020, 04:12:11


Minded bride of my crush 31.05.2020, 03:01:24


Jonathan Effemey 24.05.2020, 10:54:01

Excellent all-round, Good characterization, use of vocabulary, and development.

Raven Rilley 19.05.2020, 22:54:28


Shalini 18.05.2020, 20:44:56

love this book.. thank you for sharing such an amazing book ..

Lhietzkie Larvie 16.05.2020, 00:29:33


Odufuwa Toluwalope 15.05.2020, 10:08:08

Teja Rani 13.05.2020, 15:55:50

nice story

Shreya Kar 11.05.2020, 13:13:11

its really a very sweetbook...
I genuinely liked the book

Pravin Kotia 02.05.2020, 00:29:08

This story was amazing! I loved the ending. It almost made me cry tears of joy! Keep up the great work Lechna Baram!

Favour Chiamaka 01.05.2020, 14:08:16

Comment text:nice novel , I LOVE IT
thanks to our wonderful and talented author

Annalyn V. Fernandez 29.04.2020, 20:52:05

Enjoyed reading this novel. Thanks for giving me a good story. Keep it up.

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Lechna Baram 30.04.2020, 05:17:04

Thank you ? Please do follow me for more stories!

Shiza Naeem 16.04.2020, 00:19:51

I justtt love all your stories...I read all of them❤️❤️

Inya-Agha Joy Ebube 13.04.2020, 07:50:37

This is a great story .. I like it a lot!!

Cira Shalash 07.04.2020, 18:09:53

It's a great book

Laisa Tikomaimaleya 05.04.2020, 23:32:40

What a lovely story. .and a complete it.

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