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Fire of revenge

Ayu ( Ayantika)

Story about:abusive, forcedmarriage, billionaires

Age restriction: 18+

35 248

#1216 in Billionaires
#271 in Dark fantasy

On Hold: 14 Feb 3 pages

Publication: 06.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Fire of revenge"

"Did you just forget you have a fiance?", He asked her angrily while showing his phone to her.
" Neither I want to be your damn fiancee nor I want to marry a monster like you", She snapped at him only to make him more angry.

And the very next moment her face was sideway because of the hard impact he gave her on her left cheek. Tears started to bream in the corner of her eyes.

What will happen when he decides to torture the daughter of enemy to seek revenge? Will he ever be able to know the dirty secrets of khanna family? Will they have a happy ending?

To know more join the journey of Aisha Khanna and Virat kapoor.


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shilpasha sha
02.06.2021, 13:53:20

The description Of this book is really good I’m sure the book will be amazing please please update your fans are waiting

Angel Maker
23.02.2021, 15:04:19

please update it's pretty good

Hemalatha periyasamy
11.02.2021, 04:32:22


Ayu ( Ayantika)
11.02.2021, 04:33:22

Hemalatha periyasamy, thank you

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