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He visits my roof every night


Story about:love, mystery, teenagers

Age restriction: 18+

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#358 in Romantic suspense
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1st place winner in romance The Midnight Award
1st place in teen fiction winner The Eye-catching awards
2nd place in young adult The Autumn awards 2019
2nd place winner in teen fiction The 5th Ohana Awards
3rd place winner in general fiction Ocean blue awards

An arrogant bully and a narcissistic member of the most popular clique in The Grey Hawk's High, Hannah Richardson, can boast with rich, glamorous lifestyle, stunning appearance and ideal family. Her future seems to be predicted already, and it would be amazing if only a tragic accident didn't happen after a summer party, and she didn't get checked into the hospital with some mental disorders and depression, turning her life upside down. Detailed description is in the book!

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Sharon Grace Aboy 15.09.2019, 14:06:49

I love this book....want more of the story

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The_Anshs_Queen 02.10.2019, 19:53:00

Thank you for your positive feedback! However, I want you to know that updating stopped right now because I have no time to continue writing this book. But you can throw it in your library and read after some time:)

Utoh Chidimma 12.09.2019, 18:11:37


Belous Andrei 27.08.2019, 21:06:54


Marilyn Lucero 24.08.2019, 00:35:36

Thanks for following me. I followed you back. Will be reading this story very soon:-)

Christina john 07.08.2019, 22:40:43

is it me...or the chapters are rewinding

Roza Csergo 03.08.2019, 21:25:59

Hi. Would you please consider follow for a follow? I'd love to connect with you. Thanks

CatharanthusRose 18.07.2019, 07:59:46

It wasssss niceee but I can't understand really carefully... I'm actually a Filipino, I understand few words.

Katie Von 14.07.2019, 17:03:04

Such a delight

Alex Ufford 06.07.2019, 02:22:04

Comment has been deleted

Katy 05.07.2019, 02:09:07

Please update!

Katy 05.07.2019, 02:06:32

Wow the best story!!!

Michelle Shelburn 03.07.2019, 12:14:54

in love

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The_Anshs_Queen 05.07.2019, 01:35:14

Michelle Shelburn, Thank you for support!

Ann Swan 04.07.2019, 14:17:05

it deserves the best rewards

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The_Anshs_Queen 05.07.2019, 01:34:48

Ann Swan, Aw it's so cute of you. Thank you for support!

Alex Ufford 03.07.2019, 07:57:51


Benn. C 02.07.2019, 22:05:45

ur annotation is boss

Daielle Blade 02.07.2019, 13:59:17

more, more

Krystal 01.07.2019, 20:21:03

what a beautiful story

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The_Anshs_Queen 01.07.2019, 23:31:42

Thank you so much!

Roza Csergo 01.07.2019, 10:41:27

Well written story.
I like how this story is driven through dialogue.
I added it to my library and I'm waiting for updates.
I also followed you.

The last comment in the thread:

The_Anshs_Queen 01.07.2019, 16:49:22

Roza Csergo, Aw thank you sweetie!

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