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Series: Helios

Story about:gods and goddesses, powers

Age restriction: 18+

10 65

#72 in Urban fantasy
#112 in Action thriller

On Hold: 24 Mar 49 pages

Publication: 19.03.2020 — ...

Description of book "Helios"

Maitho is the descendant of Olofin-Orun, the African God of foresight. And he has only one month left to live.

To extend his life, he has to save a victim of a crime from meeting an untimely death. Only then can he live for one more month. Then the cycle repeats itself again.

But Maitho finds out that he is not alone. There are other descendants, of gods from practically every pantheon in existence. Not all of them have noble intentions. Not all of them are going to play by the rules.

Now Maitho wants to challenge the will of the gods, all the while battling powerful forces in the shadows and his own comrades.

Because the conclusion is that he either gets his freedom back. Or dies trying.


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