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How to survive the worst novel ever written

Phoebe W

Story about:slowburn romance, comedy, transmigration

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On Hold: 13 Nov 38 pages

Publication: 30.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "How to survive the worst novel ever written"

Oscar has spent a great deal of his time reading romance novels in order to be able to criticize them on his website. Everything seems to be going well for him, since he´s got a large number of followers who support him, make reading recommendations and are delighted with his way of attacking unoriginal works.

But what would happen if Oscar suddenly transmigrated into one of those novels he criticized?

What if he landed right in the worst of them all?

No, more than that... What would happen if he was reincarnated in the cannon fodder destined to die at the hands of the villain?


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Oliver J. Everett
14.11.2020, 04:59:50

I'm watching with each chapter a progression in your writing ability, which is absolutely fantastic! General grammar, descriptions, the whole shebang.
And I am enjoying the plot very much, although eagerly awaiting the meeting between Oscar and the book's protagonist. Thank you for updating frequently.

Godwin Hosanna
01.10.2020, 21:55:41

the part you said he died in chapter six made me laugh... how did the story of the novel continue without the protagonist

Godwin Hosanna
02.10.2020, 11:57:16

Phoebe W, ohh haha I understand... I love your story. please, update soon. Thanks a lot for liking my story ❤️

Godwin Hosanna
01.10.2020, 21:56:04

I'm looking forward to your next update... keep writing

Godwin Hosanna
01.10.2020, 21:54:15

Your blurb is catchy❤️ I love it and Oscar is just so mean

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