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Book. "Hunters & The Rise of Runt" read online

Hunters & The Rise of Runt

Valerie Sax

Series: Mistress series

Story about:erotica, obsession possessive, lust and revenge

Age restriction: 18+

114 1426

#115 in Fantasy
#336 in Erotic

On Hold: 25 Aug 44 pages

Publication: 28.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "Hunters & The Rise of Runt"

Being haunted by his past, he concealed the only feeling called love. He met the one who skipped his heartbeat. Nevertheless, his job is to protect her.
Lavender, the daughter, comes from a secretive family of Hunters and inherits a strange fear.
Little did she know she was melting this rock, only to invite someone from the past.

“It’s not the future you are afraid of; it’s the fear of the past you are still clinging to,” she whispered with her wet lips touching the rim of the red wine glass.
“You are talking to the wrong guy. I don’t have a heart, and romance is not my thing, Lavender.” he assured
She damped her lips, with her tongue tasting from her pouty lips.
Her lips twirled up without breaking the gaze of his peer.
“Then what’s keeping you alive? A dead past or an alive future?”


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Kafilat Ogunrinde
15.10.2022, 04:23:34

Dear author, why re u not updating?this is bad and nobody is asking for update on this story and u don't feel anything

Valerie Sax guru
02.12.2022, 13:34:20

Bumbum Adeola, I took it down from booknet. It’s published on another platform. If you want to read connect me on Instagram

Kafilat Ogunrinde
26.09.2022, 11:06:02

Dear valerie sax, what is happening to this story?it been a while dat u update this story. why did you place it on hold?

Valerie Sax guru
26.09.2022, 19:31:57

Kafilat Ogunrinde, I am not getting time to write this story. Once I will have I will update this too.

Ioana Botea
16.09.2022, 18:06:11

I will wait for update!! You take care!!

Ioana Botea
16.09.2022, 19:06:58


A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
09.08.2022, 08:50:38

Hmm interesting turn of events he is protecting Summers doppelgänger :) but still it’s not my girl :( that saddens me it should have been Summer and Adrian who got there HEA together not what happened.. but I guess we will have to see where this journey takes us..

Valerie Sax guru
26.08.2022, 14:27:10

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix, Yes…

Shruti Deepak Pandey
26.08.2022, 04:04:11

finally he is talking...... I really want to see chemistry of Adrian and Lavender..... Also if possible want to know Adrian's POV tooo.

Shruti Deepak Pandey
17.08.2022, 04:33:57

it was nice to get double updates after long time, Thanks :-) but I am little bit expecting to know more about Lavendar and how she is related to Summer........ I know I am being impatient but bcoz of that continues question, can't really enjoy the story till now of these edition....... looking forward for the answers really soon...... BTW Lavender's villa was Amazing (*‿*)

Shruti Deepak Pandey
26.08.2022, 04:02:25

Valerie Sax, fingers crossed :-)

Vanessa Reyes
12.08.2022, 16:14:03

so is lavender a reincarnation of her? does she look like an exact copy of her? I am a bit confused lol

Valerie Sax guru
12.08.2022, 18:41:21

Vanessa Reyes, We will see my dear reader… when and what conditions summer will be back…
I know you guys have set your mind for Summer and Adrian, but do give a chance to Lavender also… after all she is also a special in a unique sense.
We will see about it

Erica Page
12.08.2022, 12:29:07

Wow.. Fantastic update.. I'm eager to know that Lavender *doppelgänger of Summer* will melt the ice of Adrian or not? Can't wait to read further... keep up the good work author...

Ioana Botea
28.07.2022, 17:23:33

Amazing… It’s good to have you back… Let’s see who’s Lavender and where is Summer??? Nice update ?

Valerie Sax guru
09.08.2022, 00:10:12

Ioana Botea, ❤️❤️

Shruti Deepak Pandey
02.08.2022, 10:20:32

Can't believe that she is back.... means Lavender had her face or she is Summer ??? Looking for the answers in next update maybe (*_*)

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
31.07.2022, 11:36:13

I need more Valarie it’s to early to try to think up my hypothesis of this story lol not enough information yet….I miss my Adrian. I miss Adrian And Summer too …

Shruti Deepak Pandey
31.07.2022, 11:32:07

I am really curious to know that how Lavender is related with Summer...... looking forward for next update.... please update soon :-)

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
29.07.2022, 07:48:41

Still not sure about it but I’m going to give it a try please give us more really soon so I can fall in love with Adrian all over again and hope and pray Summer has found a way back to him so they can finally get there HEA together that they deserve with lots of babies I hope and pray this all comes too fruition
Keep up th amazing work Valarie love you my friend

28.07.2022, 12:45:05

Intriguing. I love it already.

Valerie Sax guru
28.07.2022, 17:18:52

BukkyStarr, Thank you ❤️

Shruti Deepak Pandey
28.07.2022, 12:35:42

Amazing...... If prologue will be like these "INTERESTING" then my expectations for future chapters are beyond words..... Keep it up dear :-)

Valerie Sax guru
28.07.2022, 17:18:42

Shruti Deepak Pandey, Thanks my dear… happy to see your comment ❤️❤️

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