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I Hate you too


Series: Hate series

Story about:suspense, heartbreak, pregnancy and billionaire

Age restriction: 18+

4988 685833

#33 in Romantic suspense
#105 in Billionaires

Complete 328 pages

Publication: 01.09.2020 — 27.01.2021
Contests: My love, my billionaire

Description of book "I Hate you too"

Are all love stories HAPPILY EVER AFTER?

"Based on all the evidence and the witness statement, the court finds Mrs. Asmaira Hashmi as Guilty."

There was an uproar among the crowd as it was filled with curious spectators and journalists to gain the TRP to live telecast the most sensational case. Asmaira's frightened eyes were looking for her savior, and once she found him, she cried, "Amaan, please, believe me, I didn't do anything."

Till now, the CEO of Hashmi Enterprises, Amaan Hashmi, was a silent spectator. When he heard Asmaira's pleas, he stood up and walked towards her. What he said next broke her faith in Love.

"I curse the day you came into my life. Have a great life in jail, Aashi."

"Amaan, I'm pr," before she could say, he left her behind.


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Radhika Puhar
20.09.2022, 21:08:52

didn't want to kill

18.08.2022, 18:40:26

The whole series...Amaan Asmaira Kabir is just beautiful...can't keep if off my mind..feels like I am lost in this world..Thankyou Author ♥️

21.07.2022, 09:57:34

hello author, pls I tried purchasing this book twice, it keeps showing error

Nimra Atif
20.07.2022, 01:34:04

Plz give me the access of story

Amanda lily
02.06.2022, 08:20:23

My most favourite scenes were those playful scenes of Asher and Lyxie. They were so funny and especially Raina. She was such a cute little bundle of joy. I liked each and every chapter. The way Amaan fought for his wife even going against his own family. Their love was so pure without any ill intentions. And I loved the last phase where you decided the entry of Suleiman. The whole story will remain with me forever. And I would always read it whenever I'll feel low. Thank you anjani for giving us such a beautiful story.

Amanda lily
02.06.2022, 08:15:21

This book is so damn beautiful. I wanted to comment after reading the whole book and the whole journey was mesmerizing. I just love the plot twists in the book. It literally stole my heart. It feels like I won't be able to take out Amaan from my mind ever. The way the secrets were revealed made the story even more intriguing. When I read the last chapter I was so angry as to why the story had to end it could continue more. I will really miss the story.

05.04.2022, 06:06:43

tried buying the book but it keeps showing an error

01.04.2022, 23:20:29

Comment has been deleted

Farida Shuaib
25.03.2022, 22:21:33

Hey I bought your book but its still locked

07.03.2022, 19:42:05

Comment has been deleted

26.02.2022, 00:51:26

make this free for just one day please.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Urbila Hassan
23.02.2022, 20:09:59

I'm amazed by your series... what can i say your work is awesome you're a player who just know how to play with characters..... thanku... Eagerly waiting for Raina and Ayaan's story.... but Kabir's and ziniya's story is my favorite.......

Urbila Hassan
23.02.2022, 14:40:00

hey i bought the book still pages are not opened

Urbila Hassan
23.02.2022, 14:27:07

Comment has been deleted

08.02.2022, 21:40:56

Comment has been deleted

Part of kiki
29.01.2022, 16:10:27

Comment has been deleted

Family Affairs
22.10.2021, 19:59:42

Purchased but still locked!

Susan Northern
26.01.2022, 04:48:26

Comment has been deleted

Sanskriti Kumar
11.01.2022, 19:42:59

To be very honest I don't actually read paid books quite frequently but with this book I have to say I was compelled . In keeping with the fact I have only read the free chapters, The lucid and attractive style of
writing is the charm of this story. The author has given justice to the emotional tangent of every character . Each and every emotion has a reason behind it . The drastic change in the chemistry of the lead couple has been beautifull detailed that it has not lost the charm that their closeness brought. The sheer agony and trauma that changed asmaira from a fragile woman to a survivor is portrayed with complete sincerity . What happened that such a sophisticated kind and fragile was acussed of a crime
That the mother in her can never dream of committing . It is said whatever the eyes see is not always the truth , but amaan has always been a prudent man what cloak of mystery lies between asmaira , her mil and Kabir is a deep entangled web that has to be slowly peeled off. Amaan emotional turmoil his contradiction with his feeling has been accurately portrayed.What has
triggered such a reaction in Kabir and what changed a delicate woman into a survivor with scars .

Mumtaz Saifi
15.06.2021, 15:32:06

I've tried every possible way to buy it, but I'm not able to get this book and I really liked the chapters of this book, I wanna read this book. Plz author make this book free

Rida Fatima
10.01.2022, 21:37:36

Chanderika Sharma, Instagram account name?

Zulpha Hoosain
18.12.2021, 14:30:42

Beautiful Story...One of the best for me. Thank you author...may your writing go from strength to strength. Amazing work. Well done. Stay blessed and safe

Marwa Ayaz
12.11.2021, 18:09:45

I brought it 2 times still it's locked. it's says downloading is disabled

Zulpha Hoosain
17.12.2021, 10:04:43

Marwa Ayaz, Hi there Marwa.I am experiencing the same problem. I just purchased the book but it's still locked. Did you manage to unlock?

Srinu Gopanaboina
12.11.2021, 00:37:57


10.11.2021, 13:25:26

Comment has been deleted

Amina Shuaibu
08.11.2021, 23:58:05

pls author make it free I really want to read dis book bt can't purchase it plzzzzzzzz

Sharfa Shamshad
08.11.2021, 14:19:20

plzzzz author make this book freee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Family Affairs
22.10.2021, 20:29:45

When can i read the cont. i purchased but still kockec.??

Family Affairs
22.10.2021, 19:54:32

I bought the book ebook but still locked.?☹️

Monica Kibe
20.04.2021, 08:17:46

hello dear one, thank you for keeping us entertained it's such great work. Am from Kenya how can purchase your book I Hate you too via Mpesa. Please let me know

Part of kiki
21.10.2021, 02:23:50

Monica Kibe, am also from kenya and i have tried purchasing with bank cards and it declines.....please @author can Mpesa work

Part of kiki
21.10.2021, 02:16:21

i was unable to purchase am so sad...

naazmeen shaik
07.10.2021, 13:49:47

wowwww. after a long time i read something the best i don't know beyond words... like this story hatsoff to u. it can become a movie. pls make it a movie then i can complete the whole story. i can't buy. all the best, plss make a movie or free. i want to know the truth.....

Mitch Janine Lopez Bacol
14.09.2021, 04:00:50

Arghhhhhhhh I love reading it

Rekha Singh
05.09.2021, 00:41:13

are you really not going to make it free anytime soon?????????

Opetusin Oluwatoyin Happiness
30.08.2021, 07:12:10

Please author, release some chapters of this book for us that don't have asses to purchase it. P l e a s e !!!!!!!!!

soumya das
29.08.2021, 21:20:52

The book is awesome. Please inform me if you would offer any free giveaway for this book.

Jamila Aminbhavi
11.08.2021, 22:10:03

good book

07.08.2021, 18:08:12

I want to read this book very badly but my debit card is not accepting

Shruti Gupta Agarwal
08.08.2021, 16:19:05

CHANDANA Chandanq, U can check it from your bank if ur card has international transactions activated. If not, it's just few minutes task for activation...

Swathi Manyala
09.07.2021, 20:54:00

I am trying to buy this book but my debit card is not accepting

swathi manyala
23.07.2021, 13:38:05

Anjaani, yes but no reply

Nonkanyiso Bongeka
19.07.2021, 16:35:48

wow I'm eagerly waiting for what will happen next but I'm unable to make payment what should I do from S.A

Mubashra Haroon Malik
02.07.2021, 22:23:23


Arooj Imran
24.06.2021, 10:57:15

So far WOW!!!

Monette Nicdao
18.06.2021, 14:41:49

congratulations and thank you for a wonderful story.. it was worth everything, the time and money spent. i'll definitely keep this on my library along with your other book.

15.06.2021, 00:19:11

Hi, I ordered but it will not allow me to read it, I’ve tried to contact support but got nothing.

Hannah Heath
14.06.2021, 20:58:13

This books, Let me hate you and I hate you too must be made into a Netflix movie!! Somebody who knows Someone who could make this happen??These books was absolutely fantastic! I couldn't put it down! You're a great writer! I will definitely read your other books as well! Thank you!

Leah Sulatra
07.06.2021, 04:16:55

Magnificent story! Can’t get enough of this! Waiting for the next book?

Lovely Mishra
13.06.2021, 00:55:57

Comment has been deleted

Lovely Mishra
12.06.2021, 23:04:07

Anjaani l don't know what's wrong but l bought this book ,l was able to make payment ,it's even showing as purchased ,the money too got deducted from my account but every time l touch a chapter which was locked earlier I get a blank screen with only topic appearing on top. I mean there are no contents visible ,just a blank page.

Lovely Mishra
13.06.2021, 01:17:07

Anjaani, you go girl .

Florisa Insigne
12.06.2021, 11:35:11

Thank you for the book 1 and free chapters in book 2 really like the story, but I need to stop here.. I hope I can read this for free one day.

congratulations!!! wishing you good luck and more books to come that will inspire everyone

Jane Kabso Chingwe
11.06.2021, 16:45:23

pliz make this book free,I can't buy it,pliz author

Farhat Batool
11.06.2021, 12:57:56

Please! Author make this book for free as I can't buy please...

09.06.2021, 05:20:42

Same author mine is also Declined.??

deepthi teddu
07.06.2021, 18:45:04

author I cant able to do payment as it's continuously getting declined kindly help