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Book. "I'll Take The Chance" read online

I'll Take The Chance

Ria Summer

Story about:psycological disorder, billionaire romance

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#583 in Romance
#288 in Billionaires

Complete 193 pages

Publication: 01.12.2022 — 11.12.2022

Description of book "I'll Take The Chance"

Dren is an orphan. A self-made billionaire, full of dark secrets. A CEO of one of the largest companies in the city.He is known to be moody and creates fear in the hearts of those who work for him.
Rovena is not a citizen in Dren’s country.She is working part-time jobs just to survive. Then she meets the rich and successful man Dren.
When they meet accidentally they feel attracted to each other. However, that feeling is lost because of a small workplace incident that triggered Dren's anger. He hates Rovena because of the embarrassment that he got.

Rovena is working part time at Dren's company. Dren didn't terminate her but Dren started avoiding and ignoring her to punish her every day while she worked for him.
Rovena feels hurt and afraid at Dren when she discovers his dark secrets.


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22.12.2022, 01:58:34

I enjoyed the story very much but agree that the last couple of chapters felt rushed. We never read about her forgiving him or if his condition is under control. I’m looking forward to reading more of your books

Ria Summer
22.12.2022, 03:23:53

Evilsparklenyc, Thank you so much for reading.

Marjory Bloom
11.12.2022, 18:16:46

Hi, nice story only the last chapter feels to me a bit one moment she is going to cook for him, the next they get married....but for the rest i love happy endings!

Ria Summer
11.12.2022, 16:35:45

Marjory Bloom, Thank you for reading!

01.12.2022, 21:18:41

good start dear!

Ria Summer
01.12.2022, 19:31:15

Heartfixer, thanks!

Marjory Bloom
01.12.2022, 10:59:01

interesting! just added the story

Ria Summer
01.12.2022, 10:00:15

Marjory Bloom, thank you

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