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In Love With All Of You

Anna S

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Publication: 24.09.2020 — ...

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Description of book "In Love With All Of You"

" U are mine.. and I bloody dont care what everyone thinks of it.. All I know is .. im not going to give up on us.. im not going to lose you.." he shouted on her face while she kept looking at him.

" What if he fells in love witb someone" She putted her squabbles.

" There is no one beside you. And u should know that" he held her waist tight ad if she will disappare in thin air if he do so. The nose nuzzling in her neck, taking her scent.

The beautiful cover is by @priyu644 from wattpad.

This story is a eventfull Billionaire Romance.. where love will take u on a ride..

Join the lovestory of Blake and Rose.. ❤️

Anna S


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